How to recharge a Montegrappa roller pen

The types of roller refills


Elegant, smooth and easy to use: the roller pen stands out among the various types of writing instrument as the right compromise between design and functionality. A rather recent invention, that of the roller, which appeared in Japan between the 60s and 70s and is loved especially by the American and European market.

The fluid writing obtained from the water-based ink recalls the style of a fountain pen, but with the advantage of practicality.

Cap, Pen Body, Writing Group and Refill are the elements that make up the roller pen, ideal for writing with any inclination of the hand quickly and leaving its mark. Unlike the ballpoint pen, the cap of the roller covers all the mechanism that allows writing, to avoid the hypothesis of drying the tip. Even Montegrappa roller pens need the right maintenance and periodic care to ensure the best performance over time: let’s find out how to clean and recharge them!


How to replace the roller pen refill

Refill system with a cartridge

Roller pens are easily rechargeable thanks to the refill system that provides for the presence of a small recharge replaceable every time you need it. Simply unscrew the junction point and be careful to place all the components of the pen on a plane before removing the empty cartridge and insert in its place the identical refill. Once the charging has been placed inside the body, it is then necessary to take care to recompose the roller by screwing all the components in the right way to avoid a subsequent malfunction. Roller pen refills can be found in single or multiple packs to allow anyone who wants to stock them up so they never run out. As in the case of the fountain pen also for the roller there are tips of different sizes that determine different writing strokes, more or less fine.

The finest tip is the one that measures 0.7 mm: the stroke in this case is thin and extremely smooth, suitable for those who want a fast and elegant type of writing. The average tip is 1.00 mm for a sharper and thicker stroke, preferred by those who want a type of writing that leaves its mark even in the case of a simple signature. Of course there is the possibility to choose between refills of different colors, to change color tone when you want. When is it necessary to refill a roller pen? It would be advisable to have a refill always ready to use or get one when the intensity of the color begins to decrease.


Why choose a roller pen

Smooth and elegant line

Montegrappa’s signature dominates some of the most prestigious fountain pens in the world, but the creations of the Bassano del Grappa brand can be found, in almost all cases, also in roller version. The precious and meticulous writing instruments are, therefore, often proposed in all three versions: fountain pen, roller pen and ballpoint pen.

A way to meet all the needs of fans of writing: those who prefer the roller pen points to a versatile and more practical tool than a classic fountain pen, but at the same time want an elegant accessory and original design.

So Montegrappa has always invested time and effort in the search for a technical and stylistic evolution that would guarantee the rollerball pens the same prestige as fountain pens. The rollerrollers of the various collections are created in the brand’s laboratory by expert artisan hands that reproduce on the body of each pen engravings and micropictures of enormous artistic value.


Montegrappa roller pens are an expression of great attention to the need for a daily writing that knows how to blend beauty and practicality: from the soul of the pen to the paper through tips of various sizes, so you transfer the incredible power of the word transformed into indelible ink.