Montegrappa pens dedicated to the Supreme Poet


A poet, a scholar, a politician, but also a scholar of philosophy and theology: there are many lives lived by Dante Alighieri, one of the most famous Italians of all time, able to revolutionize the evolution of language and to deliver to history literary masterpieces of immortal beauty.

His incredible works never cease to amaze after centuries from the first diffusion.

A "universal author" who has been able to speak to every generation, always being credible and current. His Divine Comedy, translated into all languages, remains one of the most read, studied and commented literary texts in the world.

Personal events and political actuality of his time intersect in this path of redemption made symbolically by a man in the name of all men. The love and untimely death of Beatrice, the exile from Florence, the harsh criticism of political and social situations near and far, the struggle between temporal and religious power: everything is condensed into triplets that earned Dante the title of Sommo and an imperishable fame.

After 700 years since the death of the Florentine poet, Montegrappa has created a collection dedicated to the Divine Comedy, that journey from the bottom to the summit told in three magnificent pens in limited edition.


Montegrappa recreates the journey of Dante Alighieri

A limited edition pen for every song

The path to God is represented by three writing instruments signed Montegrappa, dedicated to the three otherworldly worlds of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. We approach the sky and the language becomes more noble, we welcome the light, we transform colors and engravings: Italian craftsmanship is at the service of literature to translate a conceptual work into a practical vision, to be handled, admired and used.

The three limited edition Montegrappa pens inspired by Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy follow the numerical symbolism so dear to the Florentine painter: 333 silver and 9 18 carat gold versions have been produced. Let’s discover together features and details!


Penna Dante Alighieri Inferno Montegrappa

Style sins carved in resin magma

The journey of the pilgrim Dante begins among the sufferings of Hell, where every man is governed by the relentless law of retaliation. The pen Montegrappa dedicated to the first canticle of the Divine Comedy is available in fountain pen and roller, characterized by a casing of resin handmade Montegrappite magma, which simulates the glowing flames that surround sinners. It starts from the crown enamelled by hand where the intricate forest of Dante’s perdition is depicted and then be ferry across the river Acheron until the nine sinkholes descending. The nine infernal circles are told by micro-metal sculptures meticulously detailed. It descends more and more down, along the pen, up to the frozen lake, from which emerges the peculiar tail of Lucifer that becomes the diabolical pocket clip. The Dante Alighieri Inferno Montegrappa pen is kept inside a vintage style replica of the famous literary work and is sealed by words that introduce eternal damnation, eternally engraved on the door of the underworld: "Leave all hope or you who enter."


Penna Dante Alighieri Purgatory Montegrappa

Goldsmith mastery at the service of redemption

The journey of the Supreme Poet towards redemption continues in the pen Purgatory, a writing instrument to be read from the bottom up, just like the path of ascent characteristic of the second canticle of the Divine Comedy. In the case back is condensed the first scene, in which Dante is marked with the seven symbols of sin, the seven "P" of Peccatum that will be erased from frame to frame by the wing of a charitable angel. Every stage of the mountain that redeems from sins and allows access to divine grace is accessible thanks to golden and silver keys, finely worked according to the dictates of the goldsmith’s mastery.

The pen, available in fountain pen or roller version, looks like a precious jewel, a design engraved in every detail that winds under the incredulous gaze of fans of special writing instruments. On the top of the pen Dante Alighieri Purgatorio stands out the Paradise on earth, decorated with the cloisonné technique: here the extreme purification takes place, guaranteed by the waters of the river Lete, necessary passage to arrive ready and happy to the third and last stage of the famous journey.


Penna Dante Alighieri Paradise Montegrappa

Elegant micro-casts to celebrate eternal light

From Heaven the Earth appears as a tiny dot, distant and opaque. Even the sins that have been freed appear distant, memories lost on the intricate road traveled by Dante to get to enjoy the Eternal Light. The pen dedicated to the third canticle of the Divine Comedy is an explosion of light, which strikes soul and body through the heavenly nine Celestial Spheres. A brilliant writing instrument in blue-sky Montegrappite that serves as a backdrop to intertwined arrays of jubilant angels.

The climb to God is a path of growing gratitude between colored stones and refined microfusions, peculiarities of a craftsmanship oriented to the creation of a collector’s wonder. The Dante Alighieri Paradiso pen, available in fountain pen and roller, finds its culmination in three shiny discs that recall the symbolism of the Trinity, present in the numerology of the entire collection dedicated to the Divine Comedy. Thus ends, before God, the journey of redemption made by the poet on behalf of all humanity.


Three worlds, three canticles, three pens, three masterpieces of design and craftsmanship, of style and technique, three writing instruments born in the Montegrappa workshops to pay homage in the best way to the immortal ars poetica of Dante Alighieri.