Venice, the Montegrappa pen tribute to the Serenissima

The writing instrument dedicated to the romantic city


“Venice! Is there a city more admired, more celebrated, more sung by poets, more desired by lovers, more visited and more illustrious? Venice! Is there a name in human languages that has made people dream more than this one?” (Guy de Maupassant)

An immutable charm, preserved intact over the centuries, that has inspired any type of artist and the simplest tourist who has been breathless in front of the mystery of Venice, the Italian jewel suspended on water. To the most romantic city par excellence, Montegrappa has dedicated one of the most elegant classic pens in its collections.

A refined choice for those who love writing instruments with impeccable aesthetics and deep meaning: the Venetia pen presents itself to the sight and touch as a small masterpiece of craftsmanship with detailed characteristics that make it a precious vintage piece to add to one's fountain pen collection.







Venice, charm and mystery of a city with a thousand faces

Venice and its Lagoon, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979, attract millions of tourists from all over the world every year. The city, among the most beautiful in the world, is spread over 118 small islands linked by 354 bridges and divided by 177 canals and rivers. Not roads and highways, but maritime routes, traversed by gondolas, the romantic means of transport that characterizes the cityscape. Every two years, the city hosts the famous Venice Biennale and annually the Venice International Film Festival, events that make the Serenissima one of the world capitals of contemporary art.

The charm of the city suspended on water increases during the Venice Carnival: in 1926, the Republic led by the Doge declared the last day of Lent a holiday, giving Venetians the opportunity to celebrate in style. From that moment, for about ten days a year, the canals and calli are filled with masks, traditional and otherwise, transforming into a grand open-air stage.








Venetia: The Style of the '20s

Efficient and elegant pen

The history of Venice has been shaped by the union of unparalleled artistic flair and a rigorous work ethic. This combination is perfectly reflected in Venetia, the Montegrappa writing instruments line that revives the decisive style of the '20s, symbolizing a region in full rebirth.

In that period, characterized by an industrial and artisanal rebirth, the region's most refined exports stood out for the boldness and originality of their design. The Montegrappa Venetia pen, an archive re-edition, with its discreet decorations, is a true tribute to local pride and craftsmanship.

Every detail of these writing instruments has been crafted with skill and precision. The minimal use of gilded brass, expertly applied, enriches the forms of the instrument, adding a touch of elegance without ever compromising functionality. This combination of aesthetics and practicality reflects the essence of Venetian know-how, where beauty is never separated from efficiency.




Montegrappa Venetia Pen

Two souls: art and craftsmanship

In Veneto, the natural inclination for art has always been evident: the precision in turning each component of our writing instruments highlights the exceptional skill and expertise acquired by Montegrappa since its early years of activity.

These instruments are not just useful objects for everyday use, but true pieces of history, telling of an era where art and craftsmanship merge, creating unique and timeless products. The Venetia archive re-edition, therefore, is not just a tribute to the past, but also a testament to the ongoing evolution and innovation in the field of writing instruments.

The historic Montegrappa logo, dating back to 1928, introduced to identify the origin of the most sought-after pens in Italy, is a symbol of excellence that guarantees the value of rare and precious accessories. The diamond engraving on these writing instruments represents the first use of the Montegrappa name, a brand that has become synonymous with quality and refinement both within and beyond national borders.




In Venetia, much more is condensed than the features that make it an elegant and romantic writing instrument: the Montegrappa pen dedicated to the Serenissima is a piece of History, which, just like one of the bridges marking the landscape of the Venetian lagoon, represents a link between past and future and embodies the spirit of an eternal and ever-evolving Venice.