Vintage Fountain Pens with Everlasting Charm

The class and elegance of pens from bygone eras


Every vintage fountain pen carries its own story. Whether it's a model produced in a particular era or a pen that has witnessed historical events, owning a vintage pen means having a piece of history.

The vintage Montegrappa fountain pens are the result of exquisite craftsmanship: while design has evolved over the years, vintage pens feature styles and details not found in modern models, offering a distinctive aesthetic.

Owning and using a vintage fountain pen creates a personal and emotional connection with one's writing instrument. Montegrappa confirms its tradition of producing elegant and classy pens with what have become rare vintage beauties.






Montegrappa Elmo 01 Pen

The practical and accessible pen of modernist thought

The Montegrappa Elmo 01 fountain pen represents a perfect blend of the tradition of quality and style that characterizes the brand and a design that reflects the essence of the modernist movement of the 1920s. During these years, many of the technological innovations that made fountain pens an indispensable tool were the result of the great ingenuity of Heinrich Helm, technical director of production at Italy's first writing instrument factory, "Elmo". His vision of a practical pen accessible at reasonable costs revolutionized the way of writing.

The Elmo 01 is a striking example of how these influences have merged together. Made of resin, a material chosen for its durability and pleasant touch, and completed with steel accessories that ensure robustness and elegance, this fountain pen stands out for its steel nib, designed to offer a smooth and comfortable writing experience. The possibility of using both a converter and cartridges for loading offers flexibility of use, while its dimensions ensure comfortable writing. The Elmo 01 is not just an object of refinement and functionality, but also a tribute to the craftsmanship and innovation that marked an era.




Montegrappa Elmo 02 Pen

Elegance and functionality from the 1920s

The Montegrappa Elmo 02 fountain pen is a tribute to the 1920s era. This pen embodies the essence of that time, with a design reflecting the delightful chiseled aesthetics and impeccable reliability that characterized the early Elmo designs. The design of the Elmo 02 is directly inspired by the archival models of Heinrich “Elmo” Helm, co-founder of the factory, whose silhouette minimizes the use of metal components without sacrificing decorative flair. The grooved brass clip is a nod to timeless great design, a detail that underscores elegance and functionality.

The typical decorations of the era are well represented in the Elmo 02, with its slightly conical end and the shaped "ski-jump" joint, which, together with the sash-style brass clip, tell the vivacity of the 1920s and hark back to the style of the early art déco. These decorative elements, combined with a series of sophisticated marbled finishes that offer a lively alternative to the formality of classic black, make each piece unique thanks to the swirling interplay of patterns created randomly during the mixing of resins. The “Elmo” branded pens have always stood out for their stylistic and technical creativity, and the Elmo 02 is no exception, even in its version Elmo Ambiente, the sustainable pen that makes a difference.




Montegrappa Brenta Pen

Smooth inspiration from the river

The Montegrappa Brenta fountain pen is a homage to the simplicity and beauty of nature, inspired by the majesty and flow of the Brenta River. This pen represents a blend of past and present, where the glittering glamour of the 1930s models merges with modern milling technologies to create a unique and fascinating writing object. The design of Brenta is characterized by delicate cascading shapes that bring fluidity to words even before they are written on paper. The soft briolette facets, typical of the more eccentric decorations of the 1930s, are a direct call back to the golden age of writing.

The characteristic banks of the Brenta River have framed more than a century of the history of the Italian fountain pen, and this pen celebrates that history with its delicate profiles that shine in the light. The shaped clip and the distinctive rolling ball are handcrafted distinctive components that have characterized many of Montegrappa's most acclaimed models. The finest traditional techniques of Italian craftsmanship shape the nuanced surfaces of this pen, cut and polished like a precious stone.



Montegrappa Venetia Pen

Smooth inspiration from the river

The Montegrappa Venetia fountain pen captures the very essence of the Serenissima. This pen is not just a writing instrument, but a tribute to the city of Venice, a symbol of its timeless beauty and indomitable spirit. The pen is designed to reflect the architecture and art that make Venice unique. Its elegant and sinuous body recalls the curves of the Venetian canals. A writing instrument that reflects the artistic flair and rigorous work ethic that have shaped Venice's fortune, with bold lines harking back to the 1920s, offering a glimpse of a region in strong resurgence.

The precision turning of each component showcases the extraordinary skill and expertise of Montegrappa's manufacturing in its early historical period. The 1928 touring logo, diamond-engraved, reproduces the first use of the Montegrappa name, symbolizing the origin of their production. The finest modern technologies are used to produce the writing instruments of Montegrappa's Vintage Class series, recreating the captivating elegance of the historical models from the early years. The original reproduction of the vintage finishes revives the fashions of the past, making Venetia not just a writing instrument, but also a piece of history.





Choosing a Montegrappa vintage fountain pen means embracing a piece of history, enjoying timeless craftsmanship quality, and owning a unique object that can enrich both your writing experience and your collection.