Examples of pens to give for different budgets


For every milestone to be celebrated there is a Montegrappa fountain pen to give away. There are many iconic models that have marked the evolution of the brand and that have become precious gifts for thousands of people, ready for life with a precious writing instrument in their hands.

The choice of the pen to give is not a simple thing: there are many factors to consider, such as the occasion for which you give the pen, the tastes, habits and age of those who will receive it and the budget that you have available to buy a high-quality Made in Italy writing instrument.

To better advise anyone who wants to give a Montegrappa pen for a special occasion we have identified three excellences of the famous Italian brand as examples for three different price ranges: a small overview of possibilities to move around to choose the perfect gift.




Elmo 02 Montegrappa

Charm and reliability at an affordable price

There was a time when owning a portable writing instrument was a luxury granted to few. To create a product capable of meeting mass tastes and the little money available to invest in the purchase of an exclusive accessory and not particularly indispensable.

In the '20s a pen is presented to the world perfect for the time, with a fine chiseled appearance and absolutely reliable mechanics: a model that takes its name from Heinrich "Elmo" Helm, co-founder of the first Italian pen factory, and celebrating simplicity through timeless design.

The metal components are reduced to a minimum to leave room for decorative inspiration. To characterize this accessible writing instrument are the pretty grooved brass clip, the slightly conical end, the shaped junction with "ski-jump" effect.

Every detail is designed to describe the liveliness of an era far in time that retains its enormous charm over a century. The sophisticated marbled finishes represent a lively alternative to the classic look of an elegant black.

The mixing of resins allows you to achieve an effect never replicable in the same way: each piece is unique, unrepeatable, ideal gift for those who want an exclusive writing instrument in a budget.


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Zero Zodiac Montegrappa

Stellar writing instrument for medium budgets

Astrology has always been a discipline that exerts its charm on humanity: the reading of the future in the stars is celebrated by Montegrappa through a line of pens dedicated to the zodiac signs.

The symbol corresponding to the relative constellation is shown in 3D metal and protected by sapphire crystal, to accentuate its preciousness.

The 14K gold nib is meticulously engraved to transfer the power of the stars to that of writing.

A limited edition produced in only 360 specimens, just as rare as the ability to read the daily destiny of each of us in the sky.

Small batches of coloured resin are the basis for the creation of the complex textures of Montegrappite, a mix of shades that cannot be replicated.

The handcrafted production allows to give life to pens with a unique design, exclusively intended for those who will hold them as a writing instrument and valuable accessory.

Twelve zodiac signs, twelve different color mixtures inspired by the colors associated with each zodiac sign, twelve Montegrappa pens to choose from for a gift of great value, which reflects the characteristics attributed to the astrological categories to which each of us is assigned from birth.

That the perfect gift for horoscope enthusiasts and beautiful writing instruments can be a Montegrappa pen is written in the stars!


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The Batman Montegrappa

The ideal gift for collecting superheroes

Montegrappa’s tribute to the superhero par excellence becomes a gift for true fans and lovers of the genre. The fountain pen body is carved in high quality titanium through a meticulous workmanship that does not neglect any detail.

Each element of the luxury writing instrument is treated with a ceramic stone tumble to obtain a raw and industrial finish, typical of the bat-style.

The details of the Montegrappa pen dedicated to the vigilante of the night and made of metal are inspired by the interactive glove, the grappling hook and the coat of arms of the secret identity of Bruce Wayne.

The brushed black ruthenium robe is perfect for striking the eye with the necessary shine.

A limited edition of only 330 pieces for The Batman pens, with incredible resistance and threatening design.

Just like the superhero they are inspired by, they are always ready for action, the one who sees them as performing writing instruments, as luxurious accessories and as collectible rarities.

The Batman is the pen that falls into a high price range, to be evaluated as a gift for those who can appreciate every little detail, to choose as a precious gift for collectors determined to add to their private treasure the strongest pen that exists!

Discover the pen The Batman Montegrappa!


A pen for every desire, a pen for every occasion, a pen for every price range: Montegrappa can realize the dream of anyone to own or receive as a gift a rare, functional and beautiful writing instrument and accessory of great class.