Montegrappa pens for famous fans


How many meanings can be attributed to a fountain pen? Born as a useful and functional writing instrument, the pen has over time become a valuable accessory and also a collector’s item for the most experienced and demanding enthusiasts.


Among the collectors of Montegrappa pens, lovers of the beauty and precision mechanics with which these Made in Italy writing instruments are born, stand out famous names, prominent personalities of the political, film, music and sports world of every era.


Scrolling through the history of the brand we find unique pieces customized according to the requests of famous people who have strongly desired to own a Montegrappa pen to celebrate a special occasion, an important milestone, or simply to add an important piece to your private collection.


Montegrappa pens for famous collectors

Exclusive writing instruments for political and sovereign leaders

Some of the Montegrappa pens have been the protagonists of important passages, stages that have marked the history of the world: think of the famous Dragon, a symbol of the power passed from the hands of Boris Yeltsin to his successor on December 31, 1999.

This pen can be mentioned among the most coveted by famous people of all time: thanks to the pen Dragon Montegrappa was born the relationship of friendship and collaboration with Sylvester Stallone. The American actor and director set out in search of his favorite pen lost in 1995 and contacted Montegrappa to find the luxury fountain pen so beloved.

Thus begins a partnership destined to last over time, sealed by the choice of Sly to become a shareholder of the brand and creator of the pen Chaos.

Pens and politics: a combination valid since the dawn of time, since the writing instrument par excellence is used to write important documents and to sign pacts of global importance.

Among the many political leaders who have been the inspiration for Montegrappa pens we cannot fail to mention Fidel Castro: for him was created a special version of the cigar pen in 1997, with the tobacco leaf shaped clip, currently preserved in the private collection of the Cuban leader inside the Havana Museum.

From mother to son, just like the passage of the noble title par excellence: so Elizabeth II passed on her passion for Montegrappa pens to King Charles III, who collected an inheritance made of crown and precious collectible accessories./p>

While the Queen was very attached to the pen she had received as a gift from the Government of Malta and realized at the Commonwealth meeting, the current ruler of the United Kingdom is a well-known collector of fountain pens and carefully guards one of the very rare specimens of the pen Teatro La Fenice in gold of Montegrappa.

Among the many world rulers who collect pens born in the laboratories of the brand of Bassano Del Grappa should mention the Empress of Thailand, the King of Jordan, the emir of Dubai, Juan Carlos and Sofia of Spain.

Personalized is the collection of pens of the Sultan of Oman, among which stands out the writing instrument made on the occasion of the inauguration of the Opera House.

About 1200 special pens were also created for the Sultan of Brunei, gifts for lucky guests distributed during the celebrations of the 50th anniversary of his coronation.

The Italian brand of precious writing instruments has also created important pens for the fundamental religious figures of recent decades.

In addition to a personalized pen for Pope Francis, Montegrappa also signed a pen for Pope Benedict XVI, with a reproduction of Saint Peter’s Basilica and precious stone grafts, and the Jubilee pen, made for and with Pope John Paul II.


The celebrities who chose Montegrappa

The love for writing lived through personalized pens

In the world of sport there are many VIPs who have preferred Montegrappa pens: to celebrate the records of Michael Schumacher, for example, a special edition has been created, consisting of 100 writing instruments with stylized initials.

Even the president of the FIA and former CEO of Ferrari, Jean Todt, was conquered by the high craftsmanship Made in Italy to the point of constantly requiring customized micromines.

Valuable and limited series of pens Montegrappa dedicated to Muhammad Ali: for the famous champion suffering from Alzheimer’s disease was also created a special pen, larger and with a comfortable grip, to allow him to continue to live daily his enormous passion for drawing and writing.

Montegrappa is the brand chosen by many protagonists of the world of entertainment and cinema: famous Hollywood performers and insiders, such as Adam Sandler, Hugh Grant, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Nicolas Cage, Al Pacino, CSI producer Jerry Bruckheimer are big fans of fountain pens that they collect and exhibit with pride.

Exclusive pens have been made for Kim Kardashian and a special pen for Naomi Campbell on which is shown the first cover of Vogue dedicated to the statuesque supermodel.

Pens personalized by skilled artisans have met the wishes of great exponents of the world of music and literature such as Michael Jackson, Lucio Dalla, the Rolling Stones, Paulo Coelho and many others.

Salvatore Esposito, protagonist of one of the most followed TV series on an international level, has recently been added to the endless and always updated list of VIPs with a passion for precious Montegrappa writing instruments.

The man who became famous for the interpretation of Genny Savastano in Gomorrah has chosen to own the famous Chaos designed by Sylvester Stallone.


Unique pieces, which reflect in detail the personality of those who own them, collect them, use them daily and wear them as accessories of rare beauty: are the Montegrappa pens created for fans and famous collectors, leading figures in politics, sport, cinema, literature, music and entertainment.