Writing instruments with precious metals and unique workmanship


In the collective imagination fountain pens have always been a symbol of value and class: a hand holding a writing instrument with immortal charm evokes an immediate sensation of great elegance. But there are differences between the fountain pens that populate the world of accessories and writing instruments: to make the difference are precious details and precious processes, such as those that characterize the Montegrappa pens.

Gold nibs, fine enamels, shiny lacquer, sterling silver details and hand-painted miniatures: each of these Montegrappa fountain pens is a rare treasure to pay proper attention to. Masterpieces of fine craftsmanship, writing jewels that accompany the memorable signatures, accessories with a remarkable visual impact that conquer at first glance: let’s find out more about Montegrappa pens with precious details!




Kitcho by Zohiko Montegrappa

Millenary culture art lacquered

Luck and prosperity, these are the two concepts on which the traditional Japanese culture is based that comes out in every detail of these pens born from the collaboration with the best exponents of the Urushi and Maki-e art of Kyoto.

Tsuyoshi Nishimura, 10th generation owner of the Japanese atelier, personally selected the refined lacquer works that are part of the Kitcho Montegrappa collection, inspired by the symbols of Japan and their multiple meanings.

Bambù, fans and spirals come to life with the lost wax casting, enhanced by vermeil decorations and precious enamels applied by hand.

The precious robe of silver and gold is the certainty of splendor, for each of the unique creations that bear the signature of the famous Japanese artist.

Hebi is the Snake that expresses vitality and good health, Houou is the Phoenix that announces new beginnings, Koumori is the bat that indicates happiness and protection.

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Raffaello 500° Montegrappa Anniversary

Homage to the Italian pictorial genius

The genius of the master of the Italian Renaissance lives on in every hand-painted miniature of this Montegrappa pen, a perfect synthesis of art and high craftsmanship.

Five of Raphael’s most famous works of art are recreated in a precious sterling silver frame inspired by his fresco of the School of Athens.

500 years after his death, an exclusive collection traces the magnificent artistic path of the virtuoso Italian painter.

The skilled hands of the expert craftsmen of the Atelier Montegrappa, a workshop specializing in the creation of exclusive objects, transformed inspiration into a precious writing instrument.

The work on the Raphael collection bears the signature of Alessandra Malesan, active with a long career as a restorer on many of the most valuable works of art in Europe.

The series dedicated to creative genius is the first example of miniature painting made on a limited edition collection, a revolutionary technique that transfers the complexity of restorative art in a small and delimited space.

Self-portrait, Santa Caterina d'Alessandria, Madonna Sistina, Madonna Del Belvedere, Madonna Della Seggiola are the five works that tell the creative inspiration of an immortal artist becoming enchanting robe of precious fountain pens, real gem to add to your own private treasure.

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Smiley 50th Anniversary Montegrappa

Iconic 14 carat smile

Smiley® is the expression of the face most known to the general public, that smiling face identified as a symbol of peace and joy.

A real graphic icon that has the great advantage of conveying a simple and direct message, that of positive thinking.

To the happiness expressed by the immediate smile Montegrappa dedicates a special collaboration with André Saraiva produced in only 365 examples.

Smiley® 50th Anniversary is the pen of positivity, with bright yellow graffiti that reinterpret the original 1972 motto with which the famous smiling face came to light.

"Prenez le temps de sourire", "take the time to smile" wrote the journalist of France-Soir who had the idea of using a yellow and happy expression to label the good news of the day.

"Take the time to Smile" is the free hand warning on the essential silhouette of Zero Montegrappa.

A Smiley with spray paint effect is placed on top of the hood, while the artist’s edition number and signature are engraved in the metal.

To add value to the remarkable writing instrument is the most famous smile in the world engraved on a personalized 14 carat yellow gold nib to recharge thanks to the faithful Smiley flaccetta. special edition.

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Beyond the precision mechanisms that guarantee optimal performance, beyond the functionality guaranteed by the use of reliable and resistant materials, Besides the undisputed quality of Montegrappa pens, there are some valuable features that make these writing instruments unique in the world.

It is the finely worked precious metals or the original details that determine their exclusivity or even the ability of Italian fountain pens to turn into canvas on which to paint the works that have made the history of world art. Montegrappa pens embody beauty, prestige and value, everything that distinguishes a "simple" writing instrument in a treasure for life.