Montegrappa: the five iconic fountain pens

Models that tell the story of the brand


The History of Montegrappa is marked by milestones, turning points symbolized by iconic pens, writing instruments that have become famous all over the world.

Among the numerous collections, the extraordinary limited editions, the endless combinations of style that have given life to eternal models, we tried to choose the five pens that have marked the history of the Bassano del Grappa brand.

Pens that tell the evolution of the identity of Montegrappa, but also of the precious Made in Italy manufacture, faithful to the wise tradition and open to the innovative thrust. Here are the five iconic Montegrappa models!



The pen that celebrates the history of Montegrappa


An important milestone needs to be celebrated in an iconic way: so Montegrappa decided to celebrate, in 1992, the eightieth year of activity with a pen coveted by collectors.

This is the first limited edition that bears the signature of the Made in Italy brand of luxury writing instruments.

The 80th Anniversary pen was born as a celebration of Reminiscence, the historic octagonal model that conquered the fountain pen market in 1915.

A milestone in the history of Montegrappa, with the characteristic 18K gold nib, and the elegant clip with rotating ball (affectionately christened with the name "ruzzolino").


On the occasion of the 80th anniversary of its activity, Montegrappa has decided to pay homage to the exclusive technique of bas-relief engraving, the result of years of research.

The body and the hood are produced with the drawing technique, which requires precision and skillful dexterity.

This action is then followed by the threading of the body and the cap obtained by deformation of the material performed by hand.

Of the first limited edition Montegrappa were produced 1,912 pieces, just the figures that make up the year of the foundation of the oldest Italian company of writing instruments.



The symbol of the power of writing


In 1995 Montegrappa revolutionized the world of collectible fountain pens by presenting Dragon, a writing jewel destined to become an icon.

The original idea, that of wrapping a dragon, symbol of absolute strength and power, around a pen, was realized by the artist Federico Monti.

Symbol of power, the Montegrappa Dragon pen has made history and not only that of the brand: December 31, 1999 it was through this pen that Boris Eltsin passò il testimone a Vladimir Putin.


In addition to the original version there are other models of the Dragon Montegrappa: in 2005, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the historic collection, an ultra-rare re-edition of the pen was created.

diamanti, a version for true fans and collectors of luxury pens.

And still in 2010, the most coveted Montegrappa pen by collectors has found a new life in the limited edition dedicated to the man who has been able to make his own the characteristics of the "Dragon" in life.

Just in the same year that Bruce Lee would have turned 70, Montegrappa has revived the famous Dragon in a new version for the series Icons, equally appreciated.



The pen for the Great Jubilee


A special pen, commissioned for the Great Jubilee of 2000 in the Vatican.

The stem and the hood represent one of the greatest expressions of a real art, that of hand-engraving in burin, which eternalizes on this writing instrument the past two millennia of the Church, in its values and its foundations.

The body of the pen depicts the Holy Trinity surrounded by a multitude of angels and the four Gospels.

On the hood stands the Basilica of San Pietro and an exclusive image of S.S. Giovanni Paolo II about to inaugurate the Jubilee, in front of the Holy Door.


The pen is accompanied by the personal blessing of the Papa who guided the Church in the passage to the new millennium.

At the base of the pen shines the signature of the pontiff, precious seal of a very rare jewel.

In 2006, a special two-tone version of the Vatican pen was created, enriched with a gold leaf coating by Bottega Giovanelli.

A collection inspired by the saints canonized during the pontificate of Giovanni Paolo II.



A brain-proof design


A spectacular network of neurons pays homage to the greatest instrument, the human mind, the protagonist of the studies of Richard Restak, the neurologist who has been able to apply art to the science of thought.

A pen born with the ambitious idea of representing the complexity of the main organ of the human body, the thinking motor of life.

The designers of Montegrappa were inspired by the brain, reproducing the intricate network of connections and carrying on the concrete plane an image that we can only get virtually.

A brain to touch while holding this beautiful writing instrument coveted by collectors.


The eternal contrast between mind and body is also well expressed in the structure of the pen.

While the upper part is rich and elaborate, the body is simpler, thought to be a simple corollary of the real spark of life that resides, in fact, in the brain.

The Brain pen, made in collaboration with the famous neurologist, was created in a limited edition in 2013.

It is given to those who have chosen it together with a copy of a special book, written specifically for Montegrappa by Dr. Restak.



The warrior-pen


In 2018 Montegrappa presented a real revolution in the field of fountain pens, both from a functional and aesthetic point of view.

Here is a writing instrument featuring fully mobile elements, an innovative Power-Push loading system and a Katana-shaped letter opener.

More than a pen, it is a real sculpture, which depicts a Samurai, made with the lost wax casting technique.

The warrior is ready to be placed on display on an important desk or in a collection of fine objects and accessories that have to do with the world of writing.


The pen is part of the Warriors series, designed to pay tribute to the most famous fighters in history.

The mythical figure of the Japanese Samurai is the warrior par excellence, a heroic fighter dedicated to always honor his mission.

Samurai by Montegrappa was produced in a limited edition of 177 pens in sterling silver and 7 in solid gold, fountain pens powered with Power Push piston loading system and 18k gold nib.

TThey find space in a luxurious box that carries on the lid the original ancient ideogram corresponding to the word "Samurai".


Precious limited editions that symbolize the stylistic perfection of Made in Italy, the innovative design that transforms ideas into concreteness, the careful choice of metals and precious gems: the most iconic Montegrappa pens enclose the past, the present and the future of Italian excellence. Enter the Vault Montegrappa and discover the models that have made the history of the brand!