Best fountain pens for a woman

Perfect pens for the female universe


Demanding, refined, elegant, looking for something out of the ordinary, an accessory that makes them unique and special, just like no other. We talk about women and pens, an interesting combination, since the female world is an excellent guide in terms of style and refinement.

The fountain pen is not an object that is immediately associated with the feminine universe: you imagine it standing on the imposing desk of a manager or shining hooked to the pocket of an elegant jacket with a classic cut.

And yet this is not quite the case: among the different Montegrappa pens, the writing instruments suitable for the complex and delicate world of women, pens with intrinsic elegance, revealing in every little detail a passion for precious and original accessories, catch the eye.


Gnomo Moods

The little pen with a big soul

The ultimate handbag pen, small in size and with giant performance. The Montegrappa style condensed in just 8 cm, the size of a lipstick to be stored comfortably in a clutch bag to have it always at hand. Gnome, like the magical creatures that inhabit the enchanted forests, contains its secret: a heart of precision mechanics wrapped in a colorful robe of artisanal resin.

For an eclectic and dynamic woman, who never wants to give up a touch of style in her everyday life, Gnomo Moods is the pen in Montegrappite that lives on nuances. A craft resin created in Montegrappa laboratories and mixed by hand to obtain unique and original color combinations, unrepeatable, just like every woman.


Elmo 01 Fantasy Blooms

A floral style choice

The model pays homage to Heinrich "Elmo" Helm, technical director of the first Italian pen factory: a pen that responds to women’s demands for safety, practicality and reliability. But there’s more to this Elmo than the classic fountain pen mood.

The chromatic world of the Elmo 01 Fantasy Blooms Montegrappa is inspired by the world of flowers: from the Blue Cross Gentian, the blue of the strong and determined gentian, which grows in the weather, to the Iris Yellow, the yellow iris symbol of gentle passion, passing by the Black Star Calla Lilly, exotic and sensual flower that contains among the petals the secret of life and death.



Love at first touch

The most ephemeral and coveted concept, that Montegrappa tries to condense in a fountain pen that, yes, has the taste of happiness at first glance. The soft and sinuous lines, with a slightly rounded hood, make it a perfect fountain pen for women, light and smooth.

The elegance of the proportions, the classic clip with rotating ball and the pearl finish make Felicità Montegrappa a perfect gift for refined women with a highly developed aesthetic taste. The most popular color outfits? Sugar Pink Dust, Red Velvet and Caramel Gold, bright colors for bright women, who appreciate the high quality of a valuable writing instrument Made in Italy.


Tulip forTeam Fox

The refined touch of the artist

A generous and refined fountain pen, which accompanies the elegance of forms a noble goal: to bring to the attention of the world the condition of five million people, suffering daily from the degenerative disease of Parkinson’s.

Tulip fot Team Fox is the special edition designed by Australian artist Timothy John, whose main purpose is solidarity: A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each pen is donated to the Michael J. Fox Foundation to fund research into cure at Parkinson’s. The tulip clip, symbol of love and compassion, is one of the flowers that best express the many facets of the female soul.


Teacher’s Pen

The pen to give to teachers

Since the eighteenth century the custom has been to periodically bring a gift to teachers, a symbol of gratitude for the work done in the education and education of young future citizens of the world: from the tradition of the apple for teachers and teachers was born the pen Montegrappa for teachers: Teacher's Pen.

In a world where technology seems to have replaced even the classic "class register", resists the beauty of a writing instrument designed to last and accompany "the best teachers in the world" in everyday life, imprinting on the sheet thoughts, notes, words to remember between lessons: a gift for romantic teachers who love the eternal embrace of paper and ink.


Antonio Canova

The art of the collection

The three daughters of Jupiter and Eurinome, personification of beauty and joy, bridge between the world of the gods and that of men. Generous and voluptuous female bodies wrapped in an embrace that the world knows as the sculptural masterpiece of Antonio Canova.

For a woman who collects fountain pens what better gift, if not the one that reproduces in the meticulous details the marble group that symbolizes "grace" as a quality of spirit and feeling: a milestone in the history of Italian art that is transformed into the pen Antonio Canova, a valuable writing instrument collection for women who can recognize the beauty in the cold stone, just like the famous artist.


Venere di Milo

Timeless beauty

A statue that needs no introduction: the famous Venus de Milo, discovered in 1820, stands fearless and imperturbable on the body of a precious Montegrappa for fans of the world of accessories for writing collection.

The unique beauty of this priceless cultural heritage brings together the universe of art and archaeology. After so long, its charm remains intact and is enhanced by the precise fusion of marble powder that gives the pen Montegrappa Venere di Milo a quality that is unmatched. A faithful and precious reproduction that you never tire of admiring.


In the kaleidoscopic world of Montegrappa there are fountain pens for every story, every personality, even for the complex female universe: and if one of the suggested models does not seem quite suitable, the Montegrappa configurator will help us. The customization platform allows us to create a pen choosing details and features, to give life to the perfect pen to give a woman.