The best luxury rollerball pens

Fine pens with smooth and smooth strokes


Not only fountain pens: the Montegrappa world has always been characterized by the possibility of choosing between different types of luxury pens, such as the legendary roller pen.

The roller version of the fine pens is distinguished by a smoother, fluid and aesthetically pleasing stroke. The history of the roller pen begins in Japan over 50 years ago and is a story that has crowned the best pens of this type as queens of comfort and agility, capable of conquering the European and US market.

Let’s discover together the characteristics of the best Italian rollerball pens signed Montegrappa, among the most famous luxury pen brands in the world, a reference point of the Made In Italy style.


How a roller pen works

The ink that makes the difference

The roller pen was born as a variant of the ball pen: the operating mechanism is very similar but there are some differences between the two writing instruments. Also in the roller there is a sphere that, as the name suggests, rolls inside the body of the pen to transfer the ink to the paper. The ink used is, however, based on water or gel: the stroke obtained is therefore fluid and continuous, very pleasant for those who love to report thoughts, notes and inspirations on paper, but also for those who love to practice with the various calligraphic styles of handwriting.

A steel ball with a diameter ranging from 0.38 mm to 1.6 mm, carefully polished, is inserted inside the tip of the nib. The ink contained in the reservoir is transferred to the nib through an element of the pen called the bezel. At this point the steel ball is dyed with ink and the magic is accomplished, with the liquid ink based on water or gel that is transferred to the paper assuming the desired shape, that of the letters that will make up words and, why not, whole texts, since the roller pen is designed for particularly smooth writing.


History and curiosities about rollerball pen

From Japan to the conquest of the whole world

What are the mistakes not to make with the roller pen? Never leave it long without a cap: if the cap that accompanies it is not tightly closed, the pen will soon remain without ink, which tends to evaporate easily. Moreover, it is not recommended to use it with particularly thin types of paper that tend to absorb a lot of watery ink, staining the base or the sheet below.

When we talk about roller pen we are referring to a relatively young pen model, developed between the 60s and 70s in Japan by the company. Yet the rollerball pen has conquered much more than the Japanese market, becoming particularly popular first in the United States and then in Europe. Montegrappa, which has made a trademark of its passion for writing instruments, produces luxury roller pens with remarkable performances and impeccable aesthetic impact: here are the most beloved models of Montegrappa roller pens.


Elmo Ambiente Kaleido

The roller pen that comes from recycling

A decidedly unconventional pen, born from the collaboration between Montegrappa and different niche artisan realities. Smile Plastics converts waste materials into products with a post-industrial aesthetic that recall the world they come from: In this case, the Elmo Ambiente Kaleido roller pen looks like a multicolored mosaic created by the reuse of cosmetics packaging.

The collaboration with Arbos, a stationery workshop, has allowed to develop an exclusive set of accessories for writing made from recycled materials. Case, clutch and notebook made from textile waste, leather and paper processing, accompany this Montegrappa roller pen that is an act of love for the environment.


Dante Alighieri Purgatorio

The roller pen that leads to redemption

In the Montegrappa collection dedicated to Dante Alighieri comes the time to rekindle hope, after having gone through the pains of Hell. This luxury roller pen "reads" from the case back where the poet begins his journey marked with the seven symbols of sin. Dante goes up from frame to frame, while sins are erased from his forehead.

The roller pen Dante Alighieri Purgatorio Montegrappa is available in gold or silver version, characterized by goldsmith micro-casts that trace the rise of Dante to Paradise. The path of penance towards divine grace ends on the top of the pen, covered with cloisonné: now all that remains is to discover the earthly Paradise.


Harry Potter House Colours

The Magic Stroke Roller Pen

The colours and magic of Hogwarts come alive in this special collection, with its evocative name, Harry Potter: House Colours. It is precisely the chromatic nuances characteristic of each house that make it the master, creating the iconic dress of these Montegrappa brand pens that can not miss in the case of every true lover of the history of the most famous wizard of all time.

Each model shows the motifs, the motto and the coat of arms of each of the rival houses of the famous school. On the pocket clasp of the roller pen stand out the different symbol-figures: the lion for Gryffindor, the raven for Corvonero, the badger for Tassorosso and the snake for Slytherin. The colors of Hogwarts triumph over the precious box containing the magic roller, decorated with gold leaf.


Looking for a smooth, fluid and reliable pen? Do you want to give a luxury writing instrument that can be used daily and exhibited with pride? Montegrappa roller pens are the perfect choice, a combination of style and practicality that is highlighted in every detail, details carved with care to challenge time through the strength of skilful craftsmanship.