The best pens for managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals

Functionality and class in exclusive writing instruments


Despite technology's unsuccessful attempts to overshadow manual writing with increasingly complex devices, there will always be a place for a beautiful fountain pen on the desk or in the pocket of a successful man, an entrepreneur, a manager, or a professional at various levels.

A writing instrument that combines design and functionality of high-quality Made in Italy craftsmanship is an extremely appreciated gift for those who set increasingly ambitious goals every day. The signing of a contract or an important agreement is accompanied by the elegance and preciousness of the materials of a Montegrappa pen.

What is sought in a perfect pen for a manager or a very demanding professional? Design is fundamental as everything starts from the aesthetic impact, but one also looks for a durable accessory. Other characteristics to consider are the stroke, high-quality ink, reliability and precision of the mechanisms, and the possibility of personalization.






Extra 1930 Montegrappa

Extra 1930 embodies all the elegance of Italian style: a great classic of Montegrappa tradition that is reinterpreted to accompany great professionals in modern and everyday writing. The main features of this writing instrument are the Mazzuchelli celluloid body and the refined 0.925 sterling silver trim. The high-precision piston filling system, patented by Montegrappa, ensures lasting and reliable performance, further enhanced by the 18-carat gold nib and the ebonite feeder.

Extra 1930 is the Montegrappa pen for managers that can be chosen in its standard version or can be customized, using the Configurator and selecting the desired details. The customized Extra 1930 pen is delivered inside a handcrafted walnut display box with a bottle of fine Italian ink: a precious treasure to proudly display on your desk alongside your most important achievements.




Extra Otto Montegrappa

The inspiration of Montegrappa never sleeps, just like the mind of a manager, always ready to conceive a future that is not yet concrete but is already envisioned in their head. From the futuristic intuition of Montegrappa's designers in 1915, a perfect model for a fountain pen to gift to entrepreneurs and professionals. The octagonal profile, 18-carat gold nibs with filigree pattern, and mechanical perfection are the features of Extra Otto, a pen that is flaunted in the pocket as a luxury accessory.

The pen is delivered inside a precious handcrafted walnut box, which can be further personalized with one's initials on the cap's band. Celluloid, fine woods, mammoth ivory, and marble are the materials that best interpret the luxury sought in an accessory by entrepreneurs who dare and rightly manage their investments.




Zero Montegrappa

The modernity of writing is a concept interpreted in every finish of Zero Montegrappa, the pen with perfect geometries preferred by managers around the world for its essential elegance. The steel components and the clip are carefully crafted using diamond tools, ideal for imparting the right Made in Italy style to the writing instrument.

The precious touch of a sapphire glass set in a miniature bezel is the mark of class that makes this pen a perfect gift for successful professionals with extremely demanding tastes. In addition to the more classic and elegant versions of Zero, it is possible to customize the pen's appearance through the configuration platform: a wide palette of Pantone colors and many combinations of Montegrappite resin are available for more or less daring looks.



Quattro Montegrappa

Classy design and precision engineering merge in Quattro Montegrappa, a faithful ally of classy writing. The metallic finishes and the cap's crown bring to mind the futuristic lines of a modern stadium. The mix of steel components, IP finishes, and sapphire glass is perfect for managers with great taste. Quattro Custom Montegrappa can be chosen as the ideal gift for refined entrepreneurs, both in the standard model and in customized versions, with a variety of exciting color options.

The 14-carat gold nib is designed to respond to every subtle impulse for smooth and effortless fountain pen writing. Also noteworthy are the exclusive clips with a rotating ball, hand-finished, to be flaunted as a pocket fountain pen as a sign of further value. The chosen materials, meticulous finishes, and distinctive design of this fountain pen are clearly inspired by the elegance and prestige of the luxury watch sector: every detail has been crafted to evoke the refinement typical of these exclusive accessories. The design of the pen, in particular, echoes the iconic silhouette of a renowned high-end watch model: this resemblance is not accidental, but a deliberate homage to the art of watchmaking, a sector that, just like handwriting, values precision, beauty, and functionality. 




Never without a pen: this is the imperative for professionals, managers, and entrepreneurs for whom there is always some commitment to note down, some idea to develop, some contract to sign. The best ally for the life of a businessman is a Montegrappa fountain pen to choose for oneself or to gift to those who will carry it with them in their daily climb to success, leaving a mark at every achieved goal.