The best luxury ballpoint pens

Prestigious pens for everyday writing


The ballpoint pen is presented as the most popular and used writing instrument in the world: it is used daily in the most varied circumstances and is always present in domestic places, work, in your pocket, in your purse and wherever you feel the need to have a pen at hand.

The history of this accessory is intertwined with that of Montegrappa, a brand of pens of value Made in Italy: the historic factory of Bassano Del Grappa is not limited to the production of fountain pens, but also creates the best ballpoint pens, of which we will discover the secrets.


History of the ballpoint pen

From the first prototypes to the invention of Biro

Contrary to popular belief, the ballpoint pen is not a recent invention. To trace its origins we have to go back in time to grasp the brilliant intuition of a man named John Lud, who worked as a leather tanner: he was the first prototype of what would become the ballpoint pen.

Subsequently, several attempts were made to improve that first intuition: we recall the patents of George Parker and Van Vechten Reisberg among others. In 1943 came the turning point by the Hungarian journalist Laszlo-Jozsef Biro. In the summer of that year, as Biro walks along the streets of Budapest, his gaze falls on a group of children playing marbles.

The journalist notes that the balls first pass into a mud puddle and then leave on the ground a regular strip of dirt. This circumstance led to the birth of the writing instrument that would revolutionize the world of stationery. The ballpoint pen still bears his name, the Biro, born from the search for a writing tool that was more practical than the fountain pen.

This instrument began to spread in Europe and Argentina, but was not very successful initially because of the too high price. Biro then decided to sell the patent of the ballpoint pen to an Italian-born French entrepreneur, Marcel Bich. After various modifications the pen was marketed under the name Bic, the common term by which we refer to the pen of common use.


Ballpoint pens Montegrappa

Between functionality and style

Who loves the ballpoint pen and wants to show off a writing instrument that is not cheap and commercial, but the result of careful design research, which takes shape in the best Italian craft workshops, find among the prestigious pens Montegrappa the perfect ally to deal with style everyday life. Enter the world of luxury pens and find out what is the best ballpoint pen!


Sphere Zero and Zero Custom

The pen of your desires

Writing has known many stages and the instruments have evolved according to the needs of functionality and style: Zero Montegrappa is the ballpoint pen that best expresses the response to the request for reliability and elegance typical of lovers of extra luxury pens. This model is characterized by perfect geometries and precision finishes, such as the solid clasp that comes from working with diamond tools.

A very charismatic ballpoint pen that can also be customized, according to the infinite possibilities of the Montegrappa configurator and your choices or the tastes of the person to whom we wish to give it, certain to deliver a gift that is a refined expression of luxury Made in Italy. The sapphire crystal set in a miniature bezel adds brilliant awareness of owning a valuable writing instrument.


Sphere Elmo Ambiente Kaleido

The sustainable pen mosaic

The Elmo Ambiente collection is designed out of the box, the result of collaboration between Montegrappa and artisanal workshops dedicated to the practice of sustainability. From waste materials such as cosmetic packaging processed by Smile Plastics, we obtain the Elmo Ambiente Kaleido ballpoint pen: a kaleidoscope of colours that wins you over at first glance.

The pen is accompanied by a set of writing accessories signed Arbos that consists of case, clutch and notebook, created from recycled materials such as textile waste, scraps of leather and paper processing.


Sphere Elmo 02 Sorapis

The essential and surprising pen

When we talk about famous brands of pens, such as those Montegrappa, our thoughts run to the origins of this long tradition of style. Heinrich Helm is known as the technical director of the first Italian pen factory, from which would have been born the current brand of Bassano Del Grappa. He was assigned the task of transforming the proposed writing instruments according to the key of accessibility.

From the '20s to today remains unchanged the wonder of the pen that bears the name of the homonymous creator. Elmo Sorapis retains the silhouette that minimizes the use of metal components to the advantage of a design more focused on the coat of resin from the thousand shades of color. A chromatic mixture that accompanies the pleasure of a smooth writing, comfortable, practical, essential.


Sphere Mia Flaming Heart

La Penna old style a Montegrappite

A vintage looking Ballpoint Pen that satisfies the Desire for a Future in writing. Reliability is her most obvious asset: Mia Flaming Heart is a Faithful Companion to carry on the Bag, in the pocket, next to the agenda, to Keep On the Desk of the Office or in the home office, always. A Classic Model that is updated every day, conquering for solidity and comfort.

The garment is that of eco-sustainable resin declined in bright and bright colors: organic and marbled textures create chromatic games typical of the artisan Montegrappite, the perfect material to accompany with the right style your more or less intense writing moments.


Sphere Harry Potter: House Colours Hogwarts

The pen dedicated to the most famous magician

All the magic of a saga that has made the history of fiction and cinema lives on in this ballpoint pen dedicated to the most famous magicians and the place where his deeds have become legend. Harry Potter: House Colours is the Montegrappa collection dedicated to the colours of Hogwarts, the realm of magic par excellence.

The ballpoint pen models available are distinguished by the chromatic combination, the motto and the coat of arms of each of the rival houses that compete with chopsticks in the halls of the most famous school in the world. The symbols told by the inspiration of Rowling stand out on the pocket clasp. The colours of Gryffindor, Corvonero, Tassorosso and Serpeverde also characterize the box containing the magic Montegrappa pen.


Montegrappa ballpoint pens take on precious connotations in the brand’s laboratories, where functionality is dressed in important aesthetic details, design that have made elegance a distinctive sign, precious minuteries, or simply, style.