Montegrappa Configurator

Usage Guide


More than the pleasure of holding a Montegrappa pen in your hands, there is the pleasure of owning a unique piece, tailor-made to your style needs. The historic brand from Bassano del Grappa knows this well and has revolutionized the field of writing instruments: a design platform that allows anyone to design their own pen in the smallest details, the Montegrappa configurator.

The freedom to choose extends to the ability to select the colors, materials, and model of your fountain pen. If it's true that every pen is born to tell an original and unique story, Montegrappa offers its customers the incredible opportunity to tell their own story right from the choice of the writing instrument, thus becoming a unique creation and not just a simple accessory.

Everyone can become a skilled designer with the Montegrappa configurator, thanks to the intuitive and easy-to-use design dashboard and the 360-degree visualization for both desktop and mobile versions. Every choice is immediately visible with the corresponding real-time price update, while the image of the product appears on the screen at the very moment of its creation.

From the selection of features to delivery in ten days worldwide, with the possibility of further personalizing the writing instrument with names or initials: the request is taken over by the Montegrappa workshop where skilled artisans implement the deepest sense of "made by hand in Italy", turning desires into reality.


Tutto parte dalla scelta del modello, continua con la selezione dei materiali e dei colori, con l’indicazione delle finiture e termina con la messa a punto dei dettagli più importanti.

Tante opzioni per esprimere al meglio lo stile di chi stringerà tra le mani una preziosa penna Montegrappa: dal classico al contemporaneo, passando per le stilografiche più iconiche, da modificare secondo il gusto personale nelle sfumature e nelle decorazioni. Scopriamo come utilizzare il configuratore partendo dalla customizzazione di tre modelli celebri!


Zero Custom Montegrappa

Tra arte e meccanica di precisione


Everything starts with the choice of the model, continues with the selection of materials and colors, with the indication of finishes, and ends with the fine-tuning of the most important details.

Many options to best express the style of those who will hold a precious Montegrappa pen in their hands: from classic to contemporary, through the most iconic fountain pens, to be modified according to personal taste in nuances and decorations. Let's discover how to use the configurator starting from the customization of three famous models!


Zero Custom Montegrappa

Between Art and Precision Mechanics


A model that testifies to the evolution of writing over time, characterized by a contemporary style and an extremely charismatic design. A new writing instrument, inspired by the world of quintessential classy accessories: watches. Thus, in this pen coexist perfect geometries and precision engineering, with a touch of precious attention to aesthetics, represented by the sapphire glass set in a miniature bezel.

Just like in a luxury tailor's boutique, the Montegrappa configurator opens up the possibility to choose from numerous Pantone shades and a myriad of patterns inspired by oil painting in which to vary the Montegrappite resin.


Fountain pen, rollerball, or ballpoint pen? Three versions to choose from to create your own pen project, sculpted in the smallest details. 14-karat gold or steel nib, dual loading system (cartridge and converter), Br8 bronze alloy fittings, gold, palladium, ruthenium gun metal, or ultra-black plating: everything is modifiable and versatile.

With the Montegrappa configurator, it is also possible to choose the finish of the ambigram and the desired background color. A few clicks and a few days of waiting to receive the innovative and personalized writing instrument in a precious case, along with a care kit for the pen and the Montegrappa-signed guarantee certificate.

How to customize a Zero Custom Montegrappa pen? Choose the type of pen and then enter the configuration platform and select the type of resin for the head disc, cap, joint, barrel, bottom disc, the finish of the fittings and the ambigram, the material of the nib, the writing stroke, and the engraving with name or initials.


Extra Custom Montegrappa

A Great Classic Meets Modern Technology


An evergreen model, a symbol of the Montegrappa brand since the 1930s. The configuration platform starts from the original structure, allowing customization of nine key elements of the pen, available in both fountain and roller versions. A chromatic journey through sparkling celluloid shades to select the best outfit for an Extra writing instrument in name and performance.

Extra 1930 is the story of Made in Italy fountain pens: a secret of ink enclosed in a garment of rare Mazzucchelli celluloid with finishes in elegant sterling silver 0.925. Shapes and materials diversify to meet the needs of those who wish to hold a personalized fountain pen.


With its high-precision, patented plunger filling system from Montegrappa, the Extra offers remarkable writing performance: a modern choice combined with the elegance of an 18-carat gold nib and an ebonite feeder.

The pen, custom-made, arrives at its destination inside a precious walnut box, a casket that can be personalized with an engraving, along with a 50 ml bottle of the finest Italian ink. From selection to completion in just ten days: a record time for faithfully reproducing the desired features for a gift to give or to treat oneself.

How to customize a Montegrappa Extra Custom pen according to your needs? Choose the type of pen and then open the configurator and modify the various elements of the pen to your liking, choosing from nib, cap, junction, barrel, end cap, clip stone, fittings, writing style, and engraving.


Extra Otto Custom Montegrappa

Emblem of timeless elegance


There are eight customizable key components available through the Extra Otto design dashboard, with the ability to view the pen, available as a fountain pen and rollerball, in 3D at any time. Shaped clip and octagonal profile are the features that make this iconic Montegrappa model a legend in collectible pens.

More than just a writing instrument, Extra Otto is the perfect fusion of two unforgettable models: on one hand, the octagonal Reminiscence pen from 1915, a symbol of Italian craftsmanship, and on the other, the 1930 Extra, an emblem of mechanical perfection and undeniable charm in design.


A carefully crafted small sculpture with a tapered shape and rounded corners to transform rigid geometry into captivating sensuality. And so, the configurator presents the user-designer with the many possibilities of materials to choose from: celluloid, fine woods, mammoth ivory, marble, and much more.

A precious handmade walnut box houses the customized pen, further personalized with the recipient's name to be engraved on a plaque placed on the case lid or with initials on the cap's ring. The ink bottle is also customized with initials to highlight the complete uniqueness of the gift born from the symbol of infinite beauty.

How to configure an Custom Extra Otto pen? Choose the type of pen, then enter the configurator and select colors, materials, and decorations for the eight key components: nib, cap, junction, barrel, end cap, fittings, writing style, engraving.


A pen that reflects the desires of those who hold it, a writing instrument that symbolizes everyone's style in every detail: from the choice of materials to fittings, from colors to nib. Montegrappa promotes the customization of luxury pens to the next level, giving you the opportunity to make your Italian-made writing jewel truly unique: your story, to be written with your pen.