Montegrappa James Bond Pens: the collection dedicated to 007

Writing instruments with a double identity


Special agent licensed to kill. This is how James Bond, the British character created by Ian Fleming's pen and protagonist of 25 film productions, the most exciting and longest-running film series in cinema history, has introduced himself to audiences around the world, periodically enriched with new adventures.

Six great actors have donned the charismatic 007's attire, who has managed to change face and style, always remaining true to himself: infallible, brilliant, and tremendously charming. Sean Connery, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig have taken turns on the big screen, successfully completing every mission assigned.

Montegrappa's tribute to the iconic British counter-espionage secret agent is encapsulated in two editions, the regular 007 Special Issue edition and the limited edition 007 SpyMaster Duo. Two pens with many secrets, all to be discovered to enter the world of Bond and own a writing instrument cared for in every detail.






Montegrappa 007 Special Issue

A writing companion for High Profile missions

Metal structure, a powerful combination of brass and aluminum to offer unmatched resistance and resilience: the Montegrappa 007 Special Issue pen is born from a fusion of materials that ensures durability, solidity, and reliability with every stroke.

The design of the Montegrappa 007 Special Issue is a tribute to essentiality and precision. Its beveled lines and matte black finishes are designed for a dual purpose: to avoid snags during writing and to ensure discretion. This pen does not seek attention but conquers it with its sober and professional presence.

Maneuverability is another key aspect of this instrument. The matte surfaces, combined with precision machining at critical grip points, ensure comfortable and effortless writing, even during the longest and most demanding sessions.




But it is in the details that the Montegrappa 007 Special Issue pen truly shines and manages to be the perfect tribute to the film saga starring the quintessential secret agent: hidden within the hollow point cap head is the famous sequence of shots seen through the barrel of a gun, a classic of James Bond films, here masterfully reinterpreted.

Not only the pen, but also the accessories that accompany it are designed to enhance the writing experience. The notebook and the zippered case, both part of the 007 Special Issue collection, are designed to be aesthetically in line with the pen and extremely functional: here you will find the necessary space to store cartridges and refills in an organized and secure manner.



Montegrappa 007 Spymaster Duo

The ultimate accessory for modern agents

In the world of James Bond, where every detail can make the difference between success and failure, accessories are never just what they seem. This is the case with the 007 Spymaster Duo pen, a masterpiece of engineering and design that embodies the spirit of innovation and secrecy that has characterized the Bond saga since its cinematic debut in "Dr. No".

The 007 Spymaster Duo presents itself as a true multifunctional gadget that fits perfectly into the tradition of Bond's futuristic accessories. Made of fluted steel and knurled anodized aluminum, this pen combines strength and style, recalling the atmosphere and aesthetics of the Bond films.




The design is a direct homage to the iconic opening sequence of the Bond films, with the fluting on the grey steel surface evoking the inside of a gun barrel. The collection, which includes fountain pens and rollers, is produced in a limited edition of only 380 pieces for enthusiasts and collectors. But the real surprise of this Montegrappa pen is hidden inside the lower section of the barrel: a secret compartment that houses a pair of cufflinks, also decorated with the iconic 007 logo.

As for writing functionality, the 007 Spymaster Duo does not disappoint. The advanced Swift-Shot filling system ensures superior field effectiveness, with a special filling pipette that allows for the refilling of the exclusive high-capacity brass capsules. This system not only makes the pen more practical and functional but also adds a touch of modernity and innovation.




“I am Bond, James Bond”, the world's most famous introduction for a collection that needs no introduction, presenting itself to the sight and touch as one of the most fascinating Montegrappa creations of all time. For a special mission like the writing of class, one must have the right tools: the Montegrappa James Bond pens are the secret weapon of style to achieve writing with absolute certainty “Mission Accomplished!”