Warner Bros. Centennial Pen: A Hundred Years of the Stuff Dreams Are Made Of

The writing instrument dedicated to the entertainment giant


An entertainment giant with revenues over 12 billion dollars and 8,000 employees. A dream factory that for a century has transformed common human emotions into images and sounds. Warner Bros has blown out a hundred candles, becoming a concrete example of "Anything is Possible", the ultimate realization of the American dream.

A hundred years of movies, TV series, entertainment programs, and music productions. Warner Bros has evolved alongside the world, catering to the tastes of an increasingly demanding audience and at the same time shaping those needs, with the sole purpose of entertainment, narrating the collective imagination in audiovisual products.

From the birth of sound cinema to the first Oscar for Casablanca, from cult series like Dawson’s Creek to beloved sagas like Harry Potter: the story of Warner Bros is a fairy tale worthy of celebration by a precious Montegrappa limited edition, with iconic details that recall the most famous films of the production company.







The Story of Warner Bros: The American Dream of Four Polish Brothers

Warner Bros, one of the largest and most influential production companies in the history of cinema and entertainment, has celebrated a century of existence. Founded on April 4, 1923, in Los Angeles by brothers Harry, Albert, Sam, and Jack Warner, this company has spanned different eras, always staying at the forefront of the industry. Over a century of operation, Warner Bros has produced and distributed over 12,500 films and 2,400 television programs, accumulating more than 145,000 hours of entertainment.

The story of Warner Bros began when the Warner brothers, sons of Polish immigrants who arrived in the United States in 1889, decided to merge their activities in the film industry. Sam Warner, the most ingenious of the brothers, discovered cinema during a business trip. Together with Harry and Albert, he bought a projector and began managing movie theaters in some mining towns of Pennsylvania and Ohio, laying the groundwork for what would become an empire.








Warner Bros. Centennial Montegrappa

Unforgettable characters engraved in sterling silver

Montegrappa celebrates the centenary of Warner Bros., an entertainment giant, with an extraordinary creation: the Warner Bros. Centennial pen. This sterling silver tribute is a symbol of the art of storytelling and the ambitious artistic vision that has characterized Warner Bros. since 1923, combining box office success and stories that have spanned generations.

The Warner Bros. Centennial pen is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship. Made of satin sterling silver, it is adorned with bas-relief engravings that represent a roundup of timeless Warner Bros. characters, turning each pen into a portable art gallery that celebrates the history of cinema.




The Warner Bros. Water Tower

A perfect showcase for the limited edition pen

The pen cap is a tribute to the iconic symbols of the Studios. A projection reel, signed with the Warner Bros. 100th anniversary logo, seals the cap. The pen's clip, custom sculpted, is inspired by the famous Warner Bros. water tower, a symbol of the studio and an icon of Hollywood. Built in 1927, this 41-meter tower is synonymous with the city of stars and the golden age of cinema.

The pen is not just a writing instrument, but also a collector's item. Its lacquered metal replica serves as the perfect showcase, offering an ideal place to store the fountain pen ink bottle. In honor of Warner Bros.' centenary, Montegrappa has produced limited editions of this pen, with only 230 fountain pens and 100 rollers available. Each piece is numbered, making it unique and exclusive, a true tribute to a century of storytelling that has shaped the lives of many generations, becoming a mirror of modern society.




The Warner Bros. Centennial by Montegrappa is a tribute to the art of cinematic storytelling and a symbol of the unbreakable bond between cinema and writing. For movie enthusiasts, collectors, and lovers of writing, this pen represents a unique opportunity to own a piece of entertainment history.