Montegrappa Viking

Fine Fountain Pen and Warrior Action Figure


The Vikings were brave and ruthless warriors, but history also remembers their formidable achievements as navigators, shipbuilders and cunning traders. Between the end of the eighth and eleventh centuries, they set out from their Southern Scandinavian homelands, braving the North Sea and the oceans beyond in their quest to dominate the world.

For Montegrappa’s designers, the lore of Viking existence provided rich material for a true challenge of creative and engineering prowess. The Vikings’ strength, organisation and futurist ambition intertwine an ultra-luxury fountain pen design that boasts mechanical perfection as its greatest weapon.

The Vikings’ forward vision and command of naval engineering enabled them to develop a boat that was extraordinarily fast for its time. The "drakkar" (also known as "Dragon ship") was a terrifying weapon of war.

Decorated with dragons and Viking serpents, fleets would dart across the ocean, aimed directly at English lands.

Thus began the Viking era, which would see Norse raiders invade and occupy vast swathes of Europe, Arabia and Africa.

Knowledge of the Vikings’ rich customs and beliefs can be traced to two seminal thirteenth-century literary works: the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda.

The elder of the two is the Poetic Edda – a collection of poems exploring Norse mythology.

The Prose Edda was a manual of Norse poetics written by Icelandic scholar and writer, Snorri Sturluson, with the clear intention of preserving the ancient traditions of his people.



Nine realms ruled by Odin


According to Norse cosmology and theogony, the universe is divided into nine realms. Men inhabit Miðgarðr, or "Midgard" (inspiration for Tolkien’s Middle-earth). In Goðheimr, home to the city of Asgarðr (or Asgard), reside the Æsir gods. In Vanaheimr live the Vanir – inferior deities often opposed to the Æsir.

Beneath this world, in a place called Jötunheimr, live the Frost Giants, while the underworld of Helheim is the realm of the dead. Further below we find Múspellsheimr, realm of fire. Finally, there is the kingdom of the Bright Elves, Álfheimr, and Svartálfaheimr and Niðavellir – homes to Black Elves and Dwarfs.

All these worlds interconnect on a mythical tree of life called Yggdrasil. Dominating the Norse universe is the Allfather, Odin – the mightiest of all Gods, whose vast knowledge is informed by two all-seeing ravens. Warriors who have died in battle are brought before Odin to receive entry to Valhalla.

Other Viking deities include Thor, God of Thunder, protector of men and owner of the hammer Mjölnir. Balder, God of Beauty is Odin’s favourite son while Loki is the God of Fire and mischief. The twins Freyr and Freya watch over peace, crops and fertility.



A Warrior pen in gold and silver

Montegrappa’s Warriors series is dedicated to the art of war and its most celebrated protagonists. As part of the elite Non Plus Ultra class, Warriors writing instruments combine innovative design with the highest levels of Montegrappa craftsmanship. Spectacular designs share characteristics with the brave warriors that inspired them: bold vision, rigorous precision and obsessive attention to detail.

Using advanced 3D modelling, these fully functional writing instruments are brought to life as high-precision action figures. Fountain pens are encased in sparkling armour, expertly finished in every detail. The battle-dress of history’s most famous fighters has been recreated to portray fearsome warriors whose exploits have been preserved by time.


Viking by Montegrappa is a perfect reproduction of a Norse soldier in miniature, dressed from head to toe in leather and precious metals – his trusty broadsword close at hand.

Created in limited editions for enthusiasts and collectors, Viking is made in editions of 121 silver fountain pens and six 18K gold fountain pens – each available in six nib grades.

It is, without doubt, a jewel of design and style to distinguish prestige collections. A lavish wooden display case replicates the longship Roskilde 6 – the largest Viking vessel ever discovered. Manned by a crew of 100 Norse warriors, ships like these once ruled the oceans.

Extraordinary technological marvels such as these typify the Italian approach to modern high luxury. As a functional objet d’art, Viking is as suited to regular use as it is to private exhibition.

Housed within its ancient form is a work of breathtaking modernity: Montegrappa's revolutionary one-touch Power-Push filling mechanism.

The mythological and military traditions of Norse existence are revived in the Montegrappa Viking. Artistic embellishments in the styles of Borre and Jelling are realised in rose and yellow gold. Like an action figure, the pen's arms are articulated and hold a broadsword-shaped letter opener.


Ready to dominate any desk, Viking is a warrior ready for use at the right moment – when battles require a change from sword to pen. The pen is, after all, the most mighty weapon of all: capable of exercising power simply by leaving its mark on a sheet of paper.