Montegrappa Elmo Ambiente

The sustainable pen that makes the difference


A series of actions aimed at ensuring "the satisfaction of the needs of the present generation without compromising the possibility of future generations to realize their own". This is the definition of Sustainable Development proposed in the report "Our Common Future" of 1987, drawn up by the World Commission on the Environment and the Development of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Making sustainable choices today to benefit the generations of tomorrow: this is the common goal that should be interpreted in every action by each of us. Montegrappa, a leading company in the Made in Italy production sector, has also decided to put into practice today’s activities on the basis of sustainable development with long-term effects.

At the top of the scale of the values of the Bassano del Grappa brand there is the protection of the natural resources present on our planet, which are constantly endangered by uncontrolled exploitation that has increased dramatically in recent years. This is how Montegrappa focuses on recycled plastics and support for small craft activities.


From Elmo to Elmo Ambiente

Historical reinterpretations of the Montegrappa style

To describe the realization of the sustainable project signed Montegrappa we must take a step back and reach the beginning of the twentieth century when the manufacturer of Italian fountain pens condenses in a writing instrument a whole philosophy of style.

Thus was born the elegant sobriety of the Elmo pen that takes its name from the Italianization of the name of the then head of production Heinrich Helm, a fountain pen with simple lines that combines good aesthetics and functionality, that is, everything you ask of a writing instrument.

Elmo has thus become a symbol of the production of luxury fountain pens, a pen capable of adapting to stylistic and technological evolutions while remaining true to itself. Over the years she has been able to change her look, but never identity, wearing new colors to better interpret the choices of Montegrappa.


Montegrappa Elmo Ambiente

The new high-quality life of recycled materials

Elmo Ambiente was born from the idea of revisiting the Elmo pen in the light of the goals of sustainability and protection of the planet. This writing instrument represents a first step in the use of recycled plastics in the world of luxury pen production.

The origin of the Elmo Ambiente pen is to be found in the collaboration between Montegrappa and various companies that operate with activities oriented towards sustainability and environmental protection. A classic from the 1920s was redesigned in the light of the 1920s style of the new millennium.


A coat of translucent resin
available in two colors characterizes Elmo Ambiente.

On one hand the infinite shades of blue in the marine universe of Ocean, on the other the elegant energy that is hidden in the chromatic mix Charcoal. Ocean and Coal, two opposing but equally indispensable natural worlds for the balance of the planet.

Three Elmo Ambiente pen models to choose from to meet all the needs of lovers of writing: fountain pen with cartridge loading and/ or converter, refillable roller pen with cap, rechargeable ball pen with rotating mechanism. Each pen with its own story, told by the choice of using recycled materials.


Montegrappa & Smile Plastics

The beauty that lies in the waste

To create Elmo Ambiente Montegrappa has started a collaboration with the craft studio Smile Plastics, specialized in architectural materials for design and fashion companies. Their creativity and ability to transform ideas into concrete works has been entrusted with the realization of the tailor-made suit for the writing instrument developed by Montegrappa.

The goal of transforming waste streams into aesthetic materials takes shape: plastic is renewed in the use within a new sector, that of luxury pens. Elmo Ambiente is the demonstration of how much beauty can be created thus opening the way to a use of recycled plastics even in small series productions.

The recycling of plastics is our best chance to reduce pollution, save raw materials and protect the environment and the whole of humanity from the negative effects of waste dispersion in nature and at sea.

Montegrappa & Arbos

High quality sustainable stationery

The packaging of Elmo Ambiente comes from the choice of Montegrappa to focus on the work of high quality craftsmanship of Arbos, a company located a few kilometers from the historic headquarters. Since 1988, stationery has been created here from recycled materials: for years we have been moving in the right direction, towards an increasingly sustainable world.

The case in Ricuoio®is created with recycled material from the products of natural leather processing and serves as a sustainable packaging for Elmo Ambiente. The pen holder in Ristoffa ³ follows the same principle of production: the sheath of the Montegrappa pen is obtained by recycling used clothes and textile processing waste.

A special gift accompanies Elmo Ambiente: the notebook in recycled paper to make the writing experience even more unforgettable. Paper recycling reduces water pollution by 35%, air pollution by 74%.


Elmo Ambiente traces the path towards a new awareness of Montegrappa, a brand that has always been attentive to sustainable choices and activities. The recycled materials with which this fountain pen was created are ready to live a new story and to whom to write it with those who decide to hold hands an act of love for the world around us.