Monopoly Montegrappa

The Pen for the 85th Anniversary of the World's Most Famous Game


Everyone gathered around a table, friends, family, colleagues: at the center stands the protagonist of board games, the best-selling game in the world, Monopoly. Distributed in 111 countries, translated into 44 languages, it is the most famous board game, named after the monopoly economic system, with the aim of virtually getting rich by becoming the number one in the real estate market.

85 years ago, Monopoly was born, and Montegrappa decided to pay tribute to this game that brings everyone together, beyond spatial boundaries and generational limits, with a pen inspired by the famous international game. A pen that faithfully reproduces the characteristics that have made this game much more than just a pastime: a true legend that spans centuries and captivates everyone, young and old alike.




The Birth of Monopoly

The Board Game's Story





According to the official version released by Hasbro, the toy company that owns the brand, Monopoly was invented in 1933 by Charles Darrow, an unemployed heating technician.

To make ends meet, Charles used to walk dogs around the city, and during one of his walks, he came up with the idea for this game about real estate trading, using the names of the streets in Atlantic City.

Monopoly was then patented in 1935 by Darrow himself and the toy company Parker Brothers. It was an immediate success, reaching over 2 million buyers in the first few months of sales.






However, there is another story that runs parallel to this official version. It appears that the true origins of the game can be traced back to the creative genius of a woman, Elizabeth Magie, who in 1903 introduced Landlord's Game, a game with a specific educational purpose.

Magie intended to demonstrate that in the real estate market, rents are designed to enrich property owners and impoverish tenants. Regardless of the Monopoly's true origin, the statistics speak of an incredibly popular game: with over 750 million games played and one game lasting a staggering 70 days.

There are countless special editions of the game, spanning various cultural and entertainment sectors, including Monopoly editions inspired by movies, bands, great literary works, TV series, comics, and more.





Monopoly Over Time

The Digital Evolution of the Classic Game



In Italy, the game has had widespread popularity since 1935, distributed by Emilio Ceretti during the fascist regime. The name was Italianized, and the properties on the board were inspired by the toponymy of Milan and the historical period. There are numerous special editions of Monopoly in Italy, including the iconic Monopoly Pizza, and games dedicated to Italian cities such as Monopoly Napoli, Monopoly Roma, and Monopoly Bergamo. The version of the game featuring Ms. Monopoly, celebrating innovative and entrepreneurial women, has also been well-loved, replacing the figure of the wealthy tycoon with a brilliant woman with a keen business sense.



To keep up with the times, Monopoly embraced a digital shift: starting in 2008, the game became available for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. In 2009, it gained significant popularity as a browser game with Google Maps routes, known as Monopoly City Streets. The eagerly awaited and highly acclaimed Monopoly Ultimate Banking followed: digital money and transactions managed with a credit card reader transformed tradition into modernity. Monopoly's technological advancement didn't stop there; Ultimate Banking made way for its even more digital and dynamic successor, Monopoly Super Electronic Banking.


Montegrappa Mr. Monopoly Pen

Limited edition fountain pens and rollers, available in gold and silver, faithfully replicating the image of the mustached gentleman, an iconic symbol of the famous board game. The gem-studded cane of the wealthy magnate becomes the convenient pocket clip that allows you to wear this exclusive pen as a precious accessory.

Montegrappa 85th Anniversary Pen

You can choose from precious silver and gold metals for the celebratory pen of the first 85 years of Monopoly. The body of the writing instrument is meticulously engraved with details and symbols of the timeless board game: a gift for collectors, enthusiasts, and lovers of Montegrappa's iconic style in its most precious limited editions.