Montegrappa Barbie Pen

The magic of Barbie meets the art of writing


In the world of fountain pens, the union of art, history, and pop culture has never been as dazzling as in the new Montegrappa collection dedicated to Barbie, the world's most famous doll that has made her grand debut on the big screen.

This collection is divided into two special editions: the continuous edition and the limited edition, both designed to celebrate the Barbie movie in a unique and unmistakable way. Be enchanted by the fusion of prestigious Italian craftsmanship and the iconic image of Barbie.

Two pens dedicated to the film's protagonists, Barbie and Ken, iconic dolls that have accompanied the growth of entire generations, and a VIP edition box to preserve them as precious expressions of high Italian craftsmanship.


Barbie: A Global Icon on the Big Screen

The story of Barbie began thanks to the insight of Ruth Handler, the wife of one of the co-founders of the famous toy company Mattel. Observing her daughter Barbara immersed in play, Handler was struck by the lack of adult-like dolls on the market.

Over the years, Mattel has worked to make Barbie a symbol of inclusivity, diversifying the range of dolls in terms of body shapes, skin colors, hairstyles, and professions, ranging from traditional figures of models and dancers to roles such as doctors, scientists, and astronauts, thus reflecting a commitment towards breaking down gender prejudices.

In 2023, the film “Barbie” was released: the movie, starring Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling, is the first live-action cinematic adaptation of the namesake fashion doll from Mattel.


BARBIE™ THE MOVIE ICON- Continuous Edition

The continuous edition Barbie The Movie Icon of the Montegrappa collection celebrates Barbie and Ken's cinematic debut with enviable performances and smooth summer vibes. These pens, sparkling and smooth as silk, are available in three variants: fountain pen with a 14K gold nib, roller, and slim ballpoint pen, perfect for every style. Every day of writing thus becomes the best day ever, thanks to top-quality materials such as resin and sapphire, and fittings in steel and IP Yellow Gold.

Italian craftsmanship shines in every detail, from the metal finishes satin and polished to a mirror shine that stimulate the imagination, to the lovely "gelato glam" pastel colors that will make you melt. The monograms of Barbie and Ken in metal shine under the sapphire glass, adding a touch of handcrafted Italian class to your signature.



The limited edition Barbie The Movie Icon Signature Set takes the fun and sparkles of writing to a higher level with the exclusive Barbie® collectible box. This deluxe edition includes the Barbie Icon and Ken Icon fountain pens, a rare pair that celebrates Barbie's big screen debut with a modern silhouette and customized 14K gold nibs, designed to freely flow thoughts with smooth summer vibes. Italian craftsmanship, with its metal finishes satin and polished to a mirror shine, shines in the light, while the exclusive 14K gold monograms bring romance back to writing. Each pen, one for Barbie and one for Ken, is correspondingly numbered, making each set a unique and dreamy collection.

The "gelato glam" pastel colors and solid metal monograms shine under the sapphire glass, curated in every detail. The set is housed in a luxurious lacquered chest, perfect also as a box for jewelry, diaries, and precious memories. With only 300 pieces available, this limited edition is a true treasure for collectors and Barbie enthusiasts.


The Montegrappa collection is a tribute to the iconic doll that has inspired generations, combining the excellence of Italian craftsmanship with the timeless charm of Barbie. Whether you are a collector, a Barbie fan, or simply in search of an exceptional writing instrument, this collection is something unique for everyone, the glamorous touch you need.