Gnome Moods, the purse fountain pen

Natural textures for a legendary pen


Mysterious creatures of Nordic origin, spirits called to safeguard the treasures of nature: we are talking about gnomes, magical, benevolent, and wise beings, of small stature, just over a palm high, with a long-lived existence.

They are distinguished from elves and fairies by their personality: they are much wiser, even than humans, are pranksters and love sleight of hand tricks. Their cheerful and friendly character, however, is not noticed by human beings, towards whom they often appear shy and distrustful.

Harbingers of the future, gnomes possess the extraordinary ability to find mines and hidden treasures in the bowels of the earth and know the magical properties of herbs, from which they derive concoctions to cure diseases.


Once Upon a Time There Were Gnomes

History and characteristics of these benevolent creatures


They can be defined as the guardian angels of nature, ready to spring into action at the slightest sign of danger and to protect the other mysterious creatures that inhabit the most remote corners of the Earth. And where do gnomes live? In mines, in crystalline caves, in tree trunks, in caverns, and underground: their homes are built into the rock, solid and comfortable, but invisible to the human eye.
There was a time when the world of humans and that of nature lived in total harmony: for the men of that time, the gnomes were excellent advisors and guides to discover the secrets of this complex planet.


Legend has it that it was to thank these attentive and caring gnomes that humans placed small statues representing these little friends in special places in their homes and gardens.
In the collective imagination, gnomes appear with a long beard and a pointed red hat, dressed in a tunic, with a large belt and mountain boots. In the female version, however, gnomes wear long braids tied with colorful bows.


Different Country, Different Gnome

From Paracelsus to Tolkien, gnomes in culture

The mythological figure of the gnome originates from the imagination of Paracelsus, a medieval alchemist: at the end of the 1400s, he was the first to speak of gnomes, using a term that derives from the Greek etymon “gnosis,” meaning knowledge. The alchemist described them as chthonic, mythological creatures connected with terrestrial life.

Every country and region in Europe has its own legends about gnomes, with different characteristics. According to Irish tradition, the “Leprechauns” walk through the woods, always carrying a magical purse behind: this object contains a shilling, roughly equivalent to a euro. Every time the coin is spent, as if by magic, another one is found in the same shoulder bag.

In Germanic culture, it was the Brothers Grimm who told stories of gnomes as nocturnal protagonists of their tales. And how can we forget the description made by Tolkien in his early works, those of his youth, in which these creatures are mentioned as a subcategory of elves.


Montegrappa Gnome, the 8 cm Fountain Pen

Features of the refined lipstick-pen

Small and legendary like the gnomes, just like the Montegrappa pens, and the Made in Italy writing instruments brand was inspired by these mysterious creatures to create a pen so small that it can comfortably fit in a small purse.

It all started with a very particular request from a client of the Montegrappa boutique in Milan, who ardently wished to hold a small pen, but one that retained all the characteristics of a normal-sized fountain pen. The result is this eight-centimeter pen, a pen that looks just like a lipstick from a purse. The perfect and brilliant fusion of celluloid and engraved silver with a "tweed" motif is available in three color variants: coal black, yellow, and red.


Gnome Moods, a Masterpiece of Handcrafted Resin

A new chapter in the Montegrappa legend

Gnome Moods is the new guise of the quintessential purse fountain pen, also available in the roller model and in Mint, Monterosa, and Glacier versions. The compact design we have come to love is enriched with a palette of handcrafted resin finishes that embrace and contain the structure of the pen in pure silver.

The precious writing instrument expresses a concept that is broadly eco-sustainable, in line with the spirit of Montegrappa and in respect of Nature, protected and cared for by gnomes. Reliable writing and original aesthetics for a pen small in stature, but great in performance.


The legend of the Gnome pen is enriched with a new chapter, titled “La Montegrappite”, a hand-mixed artisanal resin by the historic brand of Bassano Del Grappa. So unique and special that it manages to reproduce the textures that only the secret architect of Mother Earth has been able to design. Sustainability is the watchword in the production of this material, which is processed in small batches and recycled as a base for new productions.