Ernest Hemingway Collection: Montegrappa pens dedicated to the famous writer

A writing instrument for every soul of the author


"I’ve seen every dawn of my life, it’s been almost a hundred years. I wake up and my mind starts making words. I have to get rid of it, say it out loud or write it down".
(Ernest Hemingway)


A thousand lives in one, those of Ernest Miller Hemingway, one of the most important writers of American and world literature of the twentieth century. A myth for the novelists of all time, an indomitable adventurer, a tormented man who handed to history pages of intense emotions.

The need to transform experiences and moods into words pushed him to always carry a fountain pen and notebook, faithful allies of a continuous journey. Through the writing Hemingway got rid of those words that prevented him from sleeping late, that woke him at dawn with the urgency of being delivered to the flow of an ink, to the immortality of literary work.

Thus were born his masterpieces, the novels that described the many lives of Ernest Hemingway, his loves, his anxieties, the days spent writing down the number of words written on a cartoon hanging on the wall. To his visceral relationship with the writing that accompanied him until the last dawn Montegrappa dedicated a collection that tells, detail after detail, the kaleidoscopic life of Hemingway.


Ernest Hemingway: writer, soldier, fisherman, traveller, adventurer

The many souls of the American who loved Italian pens

Ernest Hemingway, Illinois American, born 1899. The pen, his inseparable companion of adventures since he was very young, when he let himself be inspired by the days spent between hunting, fishing, outdoor life and frequent contact with the culture of the American Indians. His experience as a journalist begins with the Kansas City Star: from the news comes his dry, clear, concise style.

An indomitable and adventurous spirit who strongly wanted to volunteer in the First World War: as an ambulance driver of the American Red Cross Hemingway spent a lot of time on the Italian front, a few kilometers from Bassano del Grappa, headquarters of the first historic Italian pen factory Montegrappa. Everything he has seen and tried is written, written down in black and white in the cornerstones of world literature.

Beauty and violence, courage and malaise merge between the pages of Fiesta, the symbol of the Lost Generation published in 1923, before the Spanish Civil War, for which Hemingway became a correspondent, reporting the emotions felt in For Whom the Bell Tolls – To Whom the Bell Tolls, in 1940.

The American writer lived as a war correspondent also the Second World War, taking part in the landing in Normandy to liberate Paris. Every single day of this multiform existence has been characterized by the embrace between paper and ink, indelible trace of a talent sublimated in the novel The Old Man and the Sea - The Old and the Sea, won Hemingway the Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature (1954)

Writer, soldier, fisherman, traveller, adventurer: the thousand souls of Ernest Hemingway are carved, engraved, told in the smallest details of the Montegrappa pens that celebrate it. Let’s find out together!



The Montegrappa pen for the writer Ernest Hemingway



The Montegrappa pen for the writer Ernest Hemingway

Celluloid, silver and gold run along the lines of this Montegrappa pen with simple beauty and no frills, just like the literary style of Hemingway. The writer’s passion for craftsmanship comes alive in every detail ofThe Writer pen that sees the light in the laboratory of writing instruments so beloved by the famous American.

Fountain pen, roller pen and ballpoint pen: three models decorated with the bas-relief technique that reproduces a pen and a typewriter Underwood, daily allies of Hemingway and the Pulitzer and Nobel Prizes, the highest awards received by the author.



The Montegrappa pen for the soldier Ernest Hemingway

A strong decision, that of Hemingway: the voluntary enlistment in 1918 led the writer to dress the soldier’s uniform in the First World War. The young American is volunteering to serve at the American Red Cross a short distance from the Montegrappa factory, where the first Italian fountain pens see the light.

The Soldier is the writing instrument made of celluloid with silver trinkets and gold nib dedicated to the soldier Hemingway: it bears engraved symbols of that experience that has marked the writer deep down, like the miniature of the ambulance that the young Ernest drove on the Italian front.



The Montegrappa pen for the fisherman Ernest Hemingway

A life of adventure can be reconciled with the calm and tranquility that requires a fishing trip? In this apparent contradiction hides the spirit that has crossed the whole existence of Hemingway, who since his adolescence spent long days between Cuba and the Florida Keys with his beloved kit of rods, hooks and baits.

The Fisherman is the Montegrappa pen dedicated to Hemingway fisherman, made of celluloid in Mediterranean blue and characterized by the presence of the famous logo with Marlin fish, a symbol that distinguishes the official products related to the unforgettable American writer.



The Montegrappa pen for the traveller Ernest Hemingway

Many places in the world seen, experienced and told by Ernest Hemingway: the journey has been a constant in the life of the author of works that have fascinated generations of readers. Pages like luggage, keepers of memories that have formed and transformed the writer.

To the traveller who was Hemingway Montegrappa dedicated the pen The Traveller, an embrace of precious burnished metals engraved with the technique of low relief. Art deco motifs symbolizing destinations and means of travel run through the body of the pen on top of which stands a compass, the instrument of orientation par excellence.



The Montegrappa pen for the adventurer Ernest Hemingway

The thrust of the words that Ernest Hemingway left to the world began from the writer’s eyes, full of images that could not be ignored or forgotten, like those collected in his travels on the African continent.

The Adventureris the Montegrappa pen that symbolizes the adventurous spirit of the American author, linked to Africa by a relationship of transcendence and redemption. Precision milling and sophisticated engravings have shaped a writing instrument that pays homage to one of the most fascinating territories of the globe, the theater of companies that have seen Hemingway protagonist.


A biography in several masterpieces, impossible to contain in a single work: intense, deep, exciting, were the iconic and legendary lives of Ernest Hemingway from which Montegrappa drew inspiration to create equally iconic and legendary pens.