Anytime By Paolo Favaretto for Montegrappa

An exclusive tribute to Italian design


“Montegrappa has never been afraid to embrace originality” (Paolo Favaretto). In the world of handwriting, where each stroke and each word enclose a piece of our soul, there are tools that go beyond simple functionality, transforming into true jewels of design.

This is the case with the Anytime By Paolo Favaretto collection for Montegrappa, a sublime meeting between the excellence of Italian design and the art of writing. This collection also represents a bridge to the future, where elegance and innovation merge to create something unique.

Let us discover together the wonders of this collection, born from the creative mind of the designer Paolo Favaretto, and how this meticulously detailed instrument can transform every writing moment into an unforgettable experience.


Paolo Favaretto: a unique vision of sculpture and design

Paolo Favaretto is a leading name in the Italian design scene, known for his ability to blend functionality and aesthetics in objects that speak to both the heart and the mind.

Originally from Padua and born in 1950, Paolo Favaretto completed his studies in architecture at the University of Venice. Since 1973, the year he opened his design studio, Favaretto has led Favaretto&Partners, becoming a benchmark in the field of design and consultancy for the industry. His career is dotted with collaborations with renowned Italian and international companies, earning him numerous prestigious awards and recognitions.

By collaborating with Montegrappa, Favaretto has brought his unique vision to the world of writing, creating instruments that are not just tools for noting thoughts but true companions for life, capable of inspiring and stimulating creativity. His design philosophy focuses on the importance of ergonomics, innovation, and beauty, elements that are found in every piece signed by the designer.


Anytime By Paolo Favaretto

The Anytime By Paolo Favaretto collection is the result of years of passion and dedication to the world of fountain pens. This line, designed to enhance the writing moment, perfectly embodies Italian creativity, enhancing the essential elements of refined writing.

The heart of this collection is the integrated perpetual calendar mechanism, a true revolution that combines elegance, efficiency, and functionality, allowing the mind to fully focus on the present moment. The analog authenticity of this writing instrument makes it perfect for accompanying the most significant moments, transforming every task into a work of art.


The materials chosen for the creation of these pens speak for themselves: resin and Delrin for the body, steel for the fittings and a precious 18K gold nib, guaranteeing smooth and flawless writing. Through three rotating dials, it is possible to adjust the date, day, and month: the tactile block mechanism is inspired by Montegrappa's famous plunger loading mechanism.

The shape of each pen in the Anytime collection embraces functionality in every detail, from unboxing to daily use, stimulating the senses and creating an indissoluble bond between sight and touch. The Maestro and Supremo editions, limited to 365 numbered pieces for each version, represent the pinnacle of customization: before packaging, each pen is adjusted to register its production date, making each piece unique and irreplaceable.


Paolo Favaretto and Montegrappa share a common vision: that of never being afraid to embrace originality. Favaretto's passion for pens has given life to a new type of writing instrument, which celebrates 50 years of excellence in design. The Anytime By Paolo Favaretto collection is not only a tribute to the tradition of manual writing but is also an invitation to rediscover the pleasure of writing, of leaving a tangible mark in the digital world in which we live.