The Modern Classic



Available to ship by Friday 26 July

Don’t let her vintage charms and good old-fashioned value deceive you. Mia borrows from the past, but her outlook is thoroughly modern: engineered to perform 24/7 and carved from environmentally-responsible resin. A wardrobe of vivid colours help her fit in anywhere. She’s easy to admire, and even easier to love! Handcrafted in Bassano del Grappa: the cradle of Italian writing culture.

Material: Montegrappite Artisanal Resin
Trim: Stainless Steel
Nib: Stainless Steel
Filling system: Cartridge, Converter
Packaging: Standard
Included: 2 x Cartridges, Converter
Length: 140 mm
Diameter: 16.5 mm
Weight: 31.00 gr

With all the markers of heritage, handmade quality, Mia’s restrained luxury hits the sweet spot where glamour meets pragmatism: ready to go wherever your travels may take you.

Montegrappite offers complex textures and vibrant colours. Blended to a special formula, our new-age artisanal resin maximises visual impact while minimising waste.

Enjoy lively, responsive performance across a range of writing modes. Notes of craftsmanship are found in Mia’s subtle contours, filigree detailing and famous ‘ruzzolino’ clip.

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