Elmo Ambiente

Calligraphy with Conscience



Available to ship by Monday 22 July

The translucent resins created for the Elmo Ambiente provide a window onto the mechanics of writing – and a vision of alternative production. Its recycled finishes are disarmingly honest – offering a new intimacy, and a reminder of how everything we touch is part of a larger narrative. Our collaboration with artisanal studio, Smile Plastics, revisits a 1920s classic – and rethinks it for the 2020s.

Material: Recycled Resin
Trim: Stainless Steel
Nib: Stainless Steel
Filling system: Cartridge, Converter
Packaging: Special
Included: 2 x Cartridges, Converter
Length: 142 mm
Diameter: 14.6 mm
Weight: 24.50 gr

Partnerships with boutique suppliers help us transcend conventional norms. Smile Plastics converts discarded materials from a wide range of sources into solutions offering high integrity, with a raw, post-industrial aesthetic.

Three artisanal finishes offer a window onto their past: Charcoal blends pharmaceutical and food packaging, repurposed water bottles make up Ocean, while Kaleido’s multicolour mosaic brings new life to discarded cosmetics.

Translucent casings leave clues to their former lives on the first Montegrappa ever made from fully recycled resin. Random flecks of foil, barcode fragments and other curios lend each segment its own unique fingerprint.

A collaboration with artisanal stationers, Arbos, delivers an exclusive cache of recycled writing accessories. Reconstituted leather offcuts, textile waste and paper are the ingredients for an accompanying case, pouch and notebook.

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