Conquest Awaits



Available to ship by Thursday 25 July

“It is better to fight and fall than to live without hope.” Ancient military lore and Norse mythology fuse in a vision of the ultimate Viking warrior. Every fibre of his being is richly decorated with Borre and Jelling ornamentations accented with rose and yellow gold. Articulated arms wield a broadsword letter opener in a poseable figurine par excellence to dominate any desk.

Material: Sterling Silver 925
Trim: Sterling Silver 925
Nib: 18k Gold
Filling system: Power-Push
Packaging: Special
Included: Ink Bottle (50ml)
Length: 170 mm
Diameter: 53.0 mm
Weight: 368.00 gr



It is estimated that the 11th Century longship, Roskilde 6 sailed with a crew of a hundred Norse warriors. A replica of this mighty vessel carries only one. Viking’s lavish wooden presentation case echoes a technological marvel from a millennium past.

Inside her precious cargo resides an altogether more modern technology: Montegrappa’s revolutionary Power-Push filling mechanism. At the intersection of past and present, a symbol of supreme strength stands ready to write.

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