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Pioneering spirit and artisanal ambition are defining elements of a writing instrument honouring an exceptional legacy. Created in remembrance of Haim Sanilevich (1939-2013), milestones of a remarkable family journey reflect a nation’s path to prosperity. Silver and burnished brass are timeless materials shaped by expert Italian craftsmanship and elevated with modern mechanical flourishes.

Material: Brass
Trim: Brass
Nib: 18k Gold
Filling system: Power-Push
Packaging: Special
Length: 151 mm
Diameter: 18.5 mm
Weight: 116.00 gr



Strong and resilient, brass possesses the ability to age like fine wine. Diamond engravings depict hallmarks of Sanilevich savoir faire – from agriculture to viniculture and land development.

Maritime detailing embraces the aura of the ocean and a distinguished naval career. Above Neptune’s trident, a hinged cap top conceals a working magnetic compass: a reminder to always hold course.

Supporting a reference-level ‘Roi Soleil’ nib in 18K gold, Power-Push is a revolutionary mechanism that makes charging ink intoxicating: advanced technology that emphasises the value of tradition.

Proudly badged with the Sanilevich crest, an elegant wooden wine box display case underscores the integrity and permanence of a rare Montegrappa Private Edition numbering only 100 fountain pens.

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