Odyssey Chapter I

The Journey Begins



Available to ship by Thursday 25 July

A wonder of lost wax casting chronicles the ultimate hero’s journey as our artisans commence an immersion in one of the greatest tales ever told. For more than 2,700 years, Ancient Greece’s Homeric poems have served as parables of human struggle and triumph, providing the template for modern storytelling. We examine the Odyssey in extraordinary detail, with ancient artisanal techniques and precious metals to please the gods.

Material: Resin, Mother of Pearl, Vermeil
Trim: Vermeil, Sterling Silver 925
Nib: 18k Gold
Filling system: Piston
Packaging: Special
Included: Ink Bottle (50ml)
Length: 164 mm
Diameter: 18.5 mm
Weight: 124.00 gr



Episodes from Odysseus’ perilous return from the Trojan War are framed in vermeil and Greek fret. Tiny mosaic friezes recreate the drama of one of western civilisation’s most compelling stories.

Corinthian flourishes from Greece’s most ornamental architectural order are recreated in miniature and micro-sculpted detail, bringing acanthus leaves and volutes to life with spectacular definition.

Three architectural orders. Three gods. Our trilogy of handcrafted designs promises to unpack the Odyssey in its full glory. Zeus is the god of sky and thunder, punisher and protector on Odysseus’ epic voyage.

Monumental staging. Odysseus’ most famous creation provides a showcase for fountain pen and rollerball editions of 266 pieces – invoking ancient numerology with the isopsephic value of ‘Ελλάς’ (Greece).

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