Boundless inventiveness and craft have won Montegrappa admirers around the world. With a combination of vision, daring and artisanal virtuosity, Italy’s oldest fountain pen factory has pioneered the notion of writing instruments as objets d’art.

Though traditional standards still govern the art and science of writing, the adoption of new technologies and talents continues to expand the possibilities of pen making. Among many innovations to capture the imaginations of connoisseurs, our pioneering ‘pen complications’ have spawned a new collector sub-genre with new layers of mechanical brilliance.

Technical excellence is the very least our community of Montegrappisti deserves. Above all, the imaginations of fantasists, visionaries – and our most exuberant users – are what spur us on to ever more audacious and uncommon creations.

After spending more than a century refining and perfecting our craft, Montegrappa stands at the vanguard of a new wave of enthusiasm for the timeless technology of fine pens.