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The celluloide is a precious compound, made from natural cellulose fibers and dyes, boasting amazingly intense hues of pearlised colour. This easily molded and comfortable to the touch material has been discovered over a century ago as a substitute to Ivory. Its production process is, however, extremely laborious and expensive, therefore it is no longer widely used, unless in highly specialized industries of selected luxury products.


The ebonite is a natural rubber material used to produce high-quality fountain pen feeders. The writing block of the fountain pen, made in ebonite, adapts progressively to the pressure distributed by the writer’s hand, thus giving handwriting a more personal touch.


The resin is a chemically emulsified compound of limpid and fluid nature. Acclaimed for its high translucent qualities, the acrylic resin when enriched by colour agents basks in a myriad of mother-of-pearl or pastel shades. It is also remarkably resistant in time, and as such is widely used in complex technological fields like medicine, architecture and fashion.