Monopoly L.E.

Tycoon style

Available to ship by Tuesday 10 August

Few inventions rival MONOPOLY’s ability to bring families to the table. Since its 1935 debut, the world’s favourite board game has delivered magical memories to millions, and an entrée to the ways of wealth creation. Two special designs bring its timeless aesthetic to life with precious metals and art-deco flair. MR. MONOPOLY’s gem-studded cane is a pocket clip steeped in tycoon style. Roll the dice!

Material: Sterling Silver 925, Resin
Trim: Sterling Silver 925
Packaging: SPECIAL
Length: 143 mm
Diameter: 17.0 mm
Weight: 72.00 gr

+ Limited edition

Due to our Summer shutdown, all orders received from Wednesday, 4th August 2021 will be processed starting from Monday, 30th August 2021. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. Happy Summer!

Monopoly L.E. 1286

Monopoly L.E. 1283



All versions of MONOPOLY L.E. are delivered together with a private-edition gameboard with sterling-silver game tokens and gold-foil graphics. A secret compartment beneath the board houses writing instrument, while play pieces can be safely stowed in a concealed travel compartment. Feel like a winner before the game has even begun!

Monopoly L.E. 1278

Monopoly L.E. 1279

Monopoly L.E. 1280