Extra Argento

Dressed to impress



Available to ship by Tuesday 1 December

Familiar friends have an uncanny ability to dazzle when dressed at their very best. Now Montegrappa’s iconic silhouette reveals its svelte side in a sleek creation of herringbone tweed. Finished from head to toe in exquisite, diamond-cut guilloche engraving, this all-silver temptress is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, with an indulgent personalisation plate and an outgoing ballpoint writing mode. Erm, have we met?

Material: Sterling Silver 925
Trim: Sterling Silver 925
Nib: 18K GOLD
Filling system: PISTON
Packaging: PREMIUM
Length: 138 mm
Diameter: 16.6 mm
Weight: 79.00 gr

+ Limited edition


Extra Argento 515

Extra Argento 516

Extra Argento 517



Creating a future classic is a challenge, but all of the ingredients are there for the latest Montegrappa writing instrument – especially thanks to the material that provides its name: Extra Argento. A completely new premium family, Extra Argento
joins the regular catalogue and is a lineal descendent of Montegrappa’s hugely successful signature creation, the Extra 1930. Like that masterpiece’s form, the silhouette of the Extra Argento is classically elegant and voluptuous.

Extra Argento 518