Moon Landing

Pocket rocket

Available to ship by Monday 17 May

The Saturn V rocket that powered Apollo 11 to the moon is one of modern history’s most iconic creations. As a symbol of supreme human achievement its design remains as magnificent today as it was in 1969. Developed in close coordination with NASA, satin-finish aluminium blends with polished steel in a pocket rocket made to ignite conversation and boost writing performance.

Material: Aluminium
Trim: Palladium Plated
Packaging: SPECIAL
Length: 139 mm
Diameter: 16.0 mm
Weight: 50.00 gr


Complementing the exclusive CULT limited editions of the Moon Landing Collection, the standard edition is available in the fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint formats. The fountain pen is fitted with a stainless steel nib with Montegrappa filigree etching, and it is fed through both cartridge and converter. The fuselage of the standard Moon Landing pen is made entirely in aluminium, laser-etched with images of the USA lettering and the US flag, with a trompe l’oeil play of satin and polished surfaces, replete with a signature clip in the form of the stairway structure supporting the rocket and the blind cap containing the exhaust nozzles of the engines of the space-craft.

Moon Landing 740

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Moon Landing 736

Moon Landing 737