Mia Carissima

Lest we forget



It is often forgotten that, a century ago, reservoir pens were the social media revolution of their time. The early years of Italy’s first fountain pen factory were marred by war, yet it was to benefit from a boom in personal correspondence. Early art deco, a retractable safety nib and the soldier’s salutation, “Mia Carissima”, distinguish a rare archival reissue from a time that must never be forgotten.

Material: Resin
Trim: Sterling Silver 925
Nib: 18K GOLD
Filling system: CARTRIDGE
Packaging: SPECIAL
Length: 155 mm
Diameter: 16.8 mm
Weight: 68.00 gr

+ Limited edition


Mia Carissima 714

Mia Carissima 652

Mia Carissima 715

Mia Carissima 713



2018 marks a century since the end of the war, an anniversary that is being observed in every country embroiled in the campaign. For Montegrappa, the occasion is particularly moving, for it knows that soldiers sent hand-written missives from the front to their loved ones back home, many using Montegrappa pens. And their billets-doux would open with “My darling…”
In Italian, the greeting changes to “Mia Carissima”, the name chosen for the commemorative pen produced to remind us of what our forebears endured 100 years ago.

Mia Carissima 485

Mia Carissima 486