Leonardo da Vinci 500th Anniversary

Renaissance man

The universal genius of Leonardo da Vinci joins our homage to history’s greatest minds. Five hundred years after his passing, his vision continues to dumbfound modern art and science scholars. Whether depicting divine beauty or devising machines of war, nature’s intricate designs were Leonardo’s constant muse. Engineering, mathematics and sublime creativity converge in a fusion of olive wood and meticulous metalcraft.


Material: olive wood, satin steel, brass
Trim: brass, steel
Nib: 18k gold
Filling system: piston
Packaging: special
Length: 151 mm
Diameter: 18.5 mm
Weight: 72.00 gr


500 Fountain Pens

500 Rollerball pens



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Half a millennium after the loss of one of the world’s most prodigious creative talents, 500 fountain pens and 500 rollerballs mark the ascension of Leonardo da Vinci into Montegrappa’s Genio Creativo series. Leonardo’s inventiveness extended even to his handwriting, which he was known to execute right-to-left in mirror script. The natural simplicity and intellectual complexity of his craft are embodied by contrasting materials, intricate geometry and rich detail. A magic cube-inspired case and scale model replica of Leonardo’s fighting vehicle bring added intrigue and desk presence to the equation.

Leonardo da Vinci 500<sup>th</sup> Anniversary 671

Leonardo da Vinci 500<sup>th</sup> Anniversary 674

Leonardo da Vinci 500<sup>th</sup> Anniversary 670


Leonardo da Vinci 500<sup>th</sup> Anniversary 677

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