Duchess of York

Visions of nature



Brilliant colours and joyous detailing evoke the natural kingdoms of Ocean, Forest and Garden. In these places of solace and inspiration, beauty lies idly…awaiting discovery. Writer and humanitarian, Sarah, Duchess of York, reflects on nature’s wonders in a rare collaboration. Pretty, sterling silver friezes fuse with effervescent celluloid in a silhouette abundant with lively, feminine charm.

Material: Celluloid
Trim: Sterling Silver 925
Nib: 18K GOLD
Filling system: PISTON
Packaging: SPECIAL
Length: 150 mm
Diameter: 16.8 mm
Weight: 66.00 gr

+ Limited edition


Duchess of York 963

Duchess of York 958

Duchess of York 997

Duchess of York 998

Duchess of York 957

Duchess of York 959

Duchess of York 961

Duchess of York 999



The personal monogram of Sarah, Duchess of York is engraved on an 18K gold nib, and foil-embossed on the collection’s handy portfolio carry case. Twelve concertinaed pockets carry postcard images and quotes collected by Sarah on her travels. Enjoy them in moments of quiet contemplation, or pen some thoughts to a friend. Replace them with your own treasured memories and keep them safe: one day they may inspire your own creativity.

Duchess of York 955

Duchess of York 962

Duchess of York 969